Sunday, 10 April 2011

Wake Wood (2011)

 Written by Happywax on April 10 2011
  Rated 6 out of 10

 Diector - David Keating

 Timothy spall    -   Arthur
 Eva Birthistle    -   Louise
 Ella Connolly    -   Alice
 Aiden Gillen      -  Patrick
 Brian Gleeson   -   Martin

 So based on the cover of this movie i had high hopes not to mention that it was produced by Hammer who also delighted us with the american remake of let me in. The story is a good one , although it has been done before ( pet semetary), the couples little girl is ripped apart by a dog in the first couple of minutes into the movie, trying to move on after the death they move to the small town of Wake Wood, once settled in Louise begins to realize the town has a secret ( Fans of the wicker man should appriciate the homage), and once confronted by the town squire - played by timothy spall- they find out just what the towns secret is........???  Do you give up ?  Just look on the poster silly , they can bring the dead back to life, but only for 3 days and the death has to have happened within a year, theres only one problem their duaghters death has happened longer than that, so they do what any parents would do, they lie about the date of death. And you'll just have to watch from here on to see what happens, but i can tell you, you wont be disappointed , for being a low budget movie the director is still able to bring a very creepy feel and look to the movie , being able to shoot the movie in a old irish town really helped , and the acting is quite good although i think they could have done a better job of casting alice , a little creepier looking girl would have been nice.
 There are some nice gore scenes in the movie, not alot but enough to keep my attention, did i mention alice gets ripped apart by a dog in the opening scene, i know i did , but its just such a great way to start a movie, it just gets the whole cringe factor going. The rebirth scenes are good and original as well, lots of goo and slime, all in all this is a pretty good movie definatly not a classic but well worth the time spent watching, you wont be disappointed

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