Friday, 29 April 2011

The Descent part 2 (2007)

Written by Axemaster on April 29 2011
Rating 6.5 out of 10

Director   -   Jon Harris

Shauna Macdonald          -   Sarah
Natalie Jackson Mendoza -  Juno
Douglas Hodge                - Dan
Josh Dallas                     - Greg
Anna Skellern              -  Cath
Krysten Cummings    -  Ellen Rios

    Howdy !! Horror Hounds !! Axemasters back in the dungeon (boy its creepy down here ! Rather CAVE like really !! ) with another "Cavernous Cavalcade of Carnivorous Crazies" for you in ............ The Descent Part 2 !! Yes the terror continues under the Appalachians in the darkness ! here's the story line , in a nutshell .....................

"You mean , we can't call long distance from down here !!?"
The tale begins only two days after the original Descent took place with our old pal Sarah being picked up by an old cracker with a pickup on a empty mountain road . (she looks deranged and demented and is still covered in blood from her ordeal !)
  Cut to a news broadcast talking about the search for a bunch of missing Spelunkers . It appears that Juno's father is a politician , and they're looking to find out what happened to her , and the rest of the gang ! Now , if you've seen The Descent 1 , then you know that Juno misled her caving companions about which cave system they were in , taking them into an entirely uncharted one . So , our team of rescuers , Dan , greg , and Cath , are looking in the wrong cave !! (Lucky for them ! ) As the worn out crew of rescuers take a break after having no luck , Sherif Vaines (played asshole-ishly well by Gaven O'herlihy !) gets the news that Sarah has popped up half way across the county ! He keeps it hush hush to avoid a Media feeding frenzy , and heads to the Hospital to question Sarah .
  Once Vaines gets to the Hospital , he and officer Ellen Rios , quickly begin to feel that Sarah is hiding the truth about what happened down in the caverns . She can't remember the last two days , but Vaines (no doubt fueled by the best donuts and coffee in the Appalachians !!) sees her as the villain in the unfolding saga of the missing cave girls !
"Dam Lumbago is acting up again !!"
  Meanwhile , the old Cracker with the pickup , has taken his dogs and another of the Appalachians finest into the woods where Sarah was found wandering ! Cracker and the Copper , track her trail back to a desolate old mine in the middle of nowhere ! (bbrrrr ! Creepy !) They call vaines and within the hour , he has the rescue team brought out to search the right cave !(NOT so lucky for them !!) Now Vaines , in his great wisdom , decides that the best guide to take down to the scene of the crime would be (Drum Roll Please !) , yup ! You guessed it ! Sarah ! He drags her along and forces her to go back underground ! ( Hhmmm , Innocent until proven guilty ?? Apparently Not !)
  Once under ground , the rescue team begins to find out what really happened to the gang from Descent 1 ! Vaines of course holds onto his suspect as long as he can ! Sarah adapts to the gloom of the cave rather well and even gets a visit from an old friend down in the dark !! (No I won't tell you I won't I won't !! )
"I said Medium Rare !!Dam It !"
   Director Jon Harris (Snatch , 127 Hours , Kick Ass) does a pretty good job with The descent Part 2 . However , it does suffer a bit from Sequal-itus ! Lets see how many people we can fit into the dark . (served up as creature smorgasbord !) The creatures in this one , look a bit more done up , make up wise . In the original , they were simply repulsive maggot Men (and Women ) ! Here they look more gothic gargoyle like . And of course there is the inevitable setup for part 3 . (hopefully they leave on a high note !)
   All in all though , I found it entertaining , with enough jumps and scares to chuckle at , and the Gore was abundant and well done . Its always hard to come up with part 2 of any flick , so I think we should be happy with this one .

   But as always , Terror Trolls ! I leave the final decision in you hands !

    So ..........Grab some popcorn , and a flash light ........... and delve into the deeper ..........Darker parts of our world ...................!!
                                               Give us a call when you get back ! ,....... Or should I say ............. 
                                                             If ... You ....Get ...Back !!

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