Sunday, 24 April 2011

Audie And The Wolf (2008)

Written by Axemaster April 24 2011
Rating 9 out of 10

Director   -   B. Scott O'malley

Derek Hughes    -    John Doe
Tara Price          -     Audie Bantam
Christa Campbell -  Rachel Brock
Rance Howard    -   Dr. Maleosis
Richard Riehle    -   Micheal Ludlow

   Hey there all you Horror Comedy Crazies !! Axemasters back in the dungeon with a real Screamer for you ! Audie and the Wolf ! I laughed ! I Screamed ! This one got my funny bone working . Now you have to have a Very Desensitized and Morbid sense of humor , to appreciate Audie and the Wolf (or any real sick gore filled comedies !) , and thats me and my old pal Happywax to a tee !  Here's the story line in a nut shell................
"Come on guys ! Have a heart !!"

  The story starts with a native American terrorist and his wolf
hanging out in their hideout ! Del Bearstride (Atticus Todd) is making a bomb ! His compound gets busted and he tells his wolf pal to run for it and "remember , avoid people during the full moon ! Stay in the trees !" . The wolf Hightails it out of there and Del gets blown away in a fire fight . The wolf is all on his own .
  Cut to a ritzy Hollywood party and Rachel a hot young starlet pounding back the martinis ! She heads home (with one for the road Linsey Lohan style !) and hits what she thinks is a dog ! Yup , you guessed it ..... our old pal and Del's .. The Wolf ! Rachel takes the "dog" home and feeds him and leaves him tied up in the yard . That night however , its full moon time , and low and behold a reversal of the typical Werewolve tale ..... Wolf turns into ...... Man !! Man awakes naked on Rachel's bedroom floor , with poor Rachel savaged on the bed ! Man discovers that he has an insatiable apatite for "Meat" (with a capital "M" for sure !) and everyone he sees , is free game !
"I sure hope this scene won't be "Cut" !!"
  In an attempt to act more like a man ( and not eat anyone !) , he calls two local odd job working sisters .      Enter Audie . Man calls Audie and asks her to deliver 'Meat" ! Audie does and he eats it raw ! She asks his name and he tells her he can't remember , and that he has amnesia ! Thus Audie dubs him ... John Doe ! Despite his questionable mental state and unseemly manners when eating raw meat , Audie falls for john ! (hey its California ! Anything goes down there !! )  Meanwhile , Johns victims are in Rachel's basement , and they're .. well they're complaining , because they're undead ! (ala American Werewolf in London ) !
"Anybody have a sucrets !"
   The Mayhem continues throughout this zany farce and I felt that Director B. Scot O'malley did a great job with this flick ! The gore is great and constant , and Derek Hughes (who plays John ) is hilarious as he brings the animal into his role ! The flick didn't get the greatest reviews elsewhere , however ... it is the opinion of my old pal Happywax and myself , that a lot of horror comedies aren't received well , because people just don't get them . Like I said , you need to be a sick bastard to laugh out loud as someone gets their head lopped off in a Chainsaw vs. Whipper snipper  fight ! (Yes thats chainsaw vs. whipper snipper folks ! it must be seen to be believed !! ) I also liked the twist of the wolf to man change . Something different for once !
  Anyway , as always Glorious Gore Geeks ! I leave the final decision up to you . I know you'll have an open mind , and a keen sense of morbid curiosity !
   Now if you'll excuse me........................................ I've got to make some silver bullets ....... full moons coming don't cha know !?

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