Friday, 22 April 2011

Return of the Living Dead 4 Necropolis (2005) Or should I say NeCRAPolis

  Written by Happywax on April 22, 2011
  Rating 2 out of 10

 Director   -   Ellory Elkayem 

 Aimme-Lynn Chadwick   -   Becky
 Cory Hardrict                  -   Cody
 John Keefe                      -   Julian Garrison
 Jana Kramer                    -   Katie Williams
 Peter Coyote                   -   Uncle Charles

         THIS is what we waited for? THIS movie was even worse than the second one. I can't believe how bad this was! It's not funny, it's not scary, it's not even "so bad it's good", it's just "so bad it's really bad"...

We are talking about some grade-z bad direction, I'm not sure what was worse: watching everyone don mining helmets to explore a research facility or watching 2 of the characters test their walkie-talkies while standing five feet apart in the same shot! No wait, the worst was the fistfight  between the zombie and the human...or any scene with the girl in pigtails. Speaking of the characters, this movie has the most unlikable group of (horrible) actors you could possibly imagine. Most of them seem to think they are in a high-school play and overact accordingly, with ridiculously exaggerated expressions of (insert emotion here). The others can barely muster up enough inflection in their voices to break past monotone...and when they do, it's only at the end of the line, so everything they say sounds like a question

With this film, there just isn't anything to speak highly about. Originally, I gave this film a rating of "1" but changed it to a "2" after seeing part 5. I didn't think it possible, but part 5 is worse than this one. As a matter of fact, the only positive thing I can say about this film is that it is slightly more bearable than part 5 and I guess that's worth something. Im not even going to do a review on part five its just that bad, How the hell can the producers and directors sit in a board room and say " yup we got a winner here" . There's 90 mins i'll never get back. I'm not even gonna put a trailer up for this piece of shit, NO ONE should see this movie, you've been warned!!!

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