Friday, 15 April 2011

Ebola Syndrome (1996)

Written by Axemaster April 15th 2011
Rating 5 out of 10

Director   -   Herman Yau

Anthony Wong Chau Sang  -  Ah Kai
Yeung Ming Wan                -  Yeung
Chan Miu Ying                    -  Har
Law Mong                           -  The Boss
Fui On Shing                       -  Annoyed Husband

Hey there again all you Gore Ghouls !! Axemaster's back in the Dungeon with a real Gristly meet feature for you !! Ebola Syndrome ! ... Yeah .. ahh .. what can I say about Ebola Syndrome !? Well lets start with the story in a nut shell shall we !
  Okay , The tale revolves around Ah Kai . And well ... to put it frankly ...... he is the scum of the earth !! Yes thats right ! If scum balls had a royal family , Ah Kai would be their reigning Monarch hands down . Nothing is beneath this guy ! His hobbies include , adultery , theft , rape , murder , human butchery , and masturbating in restaurant meat supplies !!(Eeeewwww god !! Really !?!) To name a few  .
  The opening scene has Ah Kai in bed shagging his Bosses wife (told you !) The Boss of course comes home catching the two red handed . The bosses wife tries to turn the tables on Ah Kai and say that he was taking advantage of her . The boss proceeds to kick Ah Kai's skinny ass all over the place and just as he's about to get castrated (yes that's castrated !!! Hey might as well start the flick bang !!) , Ah kai says he hates that they are "Bullying" him , which is definitely one of his pet peeves throughout the flick , and turns the tables on the Boss and his cousin (who was helping the Boss with the ass kicking part !) . Yeah old Ah Kai basically kills them all , in a head smashing testicle stabbing frenzy ! All of them that is , but the  Bosses young daughter Yeung ! She witnesses his crimes , and just as he's about to douse her with gas and light her on fire (told you !) he's interrupted and leaves the scene of his mass murder . He Flees Hong Kong where all this went down , and we catch up with him 10 years later in South Africa .
 He's been working for a new boss who runs a restaurant and things seem okay . However , they soon go haywire on a trip into the bush , where the new Boss and Ah Kai go to pick up cheap pork for the restaurant (eeewww) . The village is infected with , yup you guessed it ! Ebola ! This is where Ah kai himself becomes a carrier of the disease by raping an infected tribeswoman (TOLD YOU !)
  From there the plot twists and turns a lot , but Ah Kai just keeps getting scummier . The new Boss and his wife start "Bullying" him , and well , if you're ever in South Africa , don't eat the burgers at a Chinese food restaurant !! Needless to say , Where ever Ah Kai goes ....Ebola follows !
  Its obvious that director Herman Yau goes for the grossout totally with this film . Those who are looking for an Oscar winning screen play should look somewhere else ! Its the gore that makes it watchable . In fact after a while I didn't know if I was watching a horromedy (horror comedy) or and exploitomedy ( exploitation comedy) !! I found myself laughing at the outlandish crudeness , and the absurdity of scene's like the "random mouse run over by a car pulling up" scene !! Hey after 31 years of watching stuff like this I'm a bit Desensitized !! What can I say !!? Watch out parents ! This can happen to your kids too !!
 Until next time Fright fans !!........ Stay out of the shadows and in the light ....... and if you must go into the dark ........... .................... Don't go alone !

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