Saturday, 9 April 2011

PROWL (2011)

Written by Happywax on april 6, 2011
Rating 5 out of 10

Patrik Syversen


Courtney Hope     --       Amber
Ruta Gedmintas    --        Suzy
joshua Bowman    --        Peter
Perdita Weeks      --        Fiona
Jamie Blackley      --        Ray

Ok so i had pretty hi hopes for this movie as i sat down to watch it at 5am in the morning, but when it was over i was questioning myself as to why i just didnt stay in bed.

 The movie revolves around amber, a beutiful young girl who works at a butcher shop and lives at home with her step parents, but is in dire need to move out of the small town she grew up in, simple because she feels her life is going no where. After finding an apartment in chicago, she talks 5 of her friends into coming with her for the move,  shortly after they get out of town their van breaks down (surprise surprise), and they resort to hitch hikeing, why they wouldnt call a tow truck and and take a bus is beyond me,BUT, this is a horror movie so if the thought logiclly the movie would never happen right?? Anyways along comes a transport truck driver who is willing to give them a lift into chicago, the only thing is they have to stay in the trailor for the ride, only one can ride up front, they all agree and off they go. About midway through the trip they realize something is wrong and chicago is not going to be their destination, instead they are taken to a warehouse where they are unloaded and left for whatever is lurking inside.

 Now i dont want to give to much of the movie away after this point, but if you can put 2 and 2 together you can figure out the rest of the movie , and the so called twist at the end will have you slapping you forehead saying "wow i never would have figured that out"

   Now dont get me wrong i love zombie and vampire flicks and im pretty leniant when it comes to rating them cause i know alot of them are made on micro budgets and my theory is even a bad horror movie still has lots of good points about it, such is the case with PROWL, the creatures look pretty good ( even though i think they ripped off 30 days of night ), and the idea behind the story was a good one.
   This is just one of those movies that had so much potential but because of bad paceing and was just so damn predictable it falls short of the great movie it could have been, if your looking to kill a 1/12 someday at 5 in the morning this movie wont leave you in a bad mood thats for sure, it will just make you question wheather it was worth getting out of bed to watch thats all.

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