Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Happywaxs Video Vault , Dirty Laundry (2012) Short Film .

Written by Axemaster July 25 , 2012

  Hey there Gore Ghouls ! If you like the Bone Snapping , Neck Twisting , Head Smashing Action ... then this weeks Hap's Video Vault is definitely for you ! A few years back , Thomas Jane starred in the 2nd screen adaption of the comic "The Punisher" . Even though the flick didn't catch on much at the box office , it has earned quite the "Cult" following . And your pals Hap & Axe are in that cult for sure ! Thomas Jane sprung for this little flick himself , so he must really like the role .
Anyway , check out the episode and let us know what you think !

      Remember .........

            Don't Just Fight evil where ever you go ....

                  PUNISH IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Axe is MAD about Punishment !"
"Evil Doers Beware ! Not only is there HAP & AXE .
But Now .. The real Punisher is BACK !"

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Happywaxs Video Vault , VHS Trailer (2012) , Mama , (2008) short Horror

"Train Animals by day .... Fight Evil by night !"
Written by Axemaster July 15 2012

Hey there Horror Hounds ! This week , Happs got a great treat for you on Happywaxs Video Vault ! THe Short Horror flick Mama is ....... Well , It's TO DIE FOR !!!! Buuu Ha Ha Ha !!
Check out the great VHS trailer Too ! Stay tuned for more great action right here at Doomgoryums ! It's been a hot summer to fight evil , but the Doomgoryum Guys always come out on top !!

             Stay cool ...... And Scared !!! 

"Have you seen these Men !!??"
"HHmmm . Happywax Eh ?
I think I'll keep an eye on this guy !"

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Friday, 6 July 2012

Doomgoryums Special report ! Paintball Demon Wins Athlete Of The Year !!

"Hap says ... Guts , Determination
He's a chip off the old Block !!!"
Written by Axemaster July 6 , 2012

See video report below for details ! Enjoy !

Hey there Horror hounds ! Recently one of the Doomgoryum guys won the Male Athlete of the Year award at his graduation ceremony !!
Hap , and all the rest of us couldn't be prouder ! So we decided to share it with you ! Stay tuned for more Horror related reviews and excitement still to come ! From all of us at Doomgoryums Horror Emporium , we hope you're having a great summer ! Be safe !

           And remember ..............

                       When fighting the undead at this time of year ....

                                        Drink Lots of Water and stay Hydrated !!!! 
"Karl Headblaster says .... Great adventures
Await you My Friend !!!"

"Jimmy says ... Great kid , but I could still
Beat you in an arm wrestle !!"

"Mr & Mrs. Axemaster say ... Yeah !!
Way to go Spence !!!"