Sunday, 6 April 2014

Dead Walk Talk # 36! The Walking Dead's "The Grove"!

Written by Axemaster April 6th, 2014.

Hey Zombie Fiends! Check out what the Doomgoryum Guys have to say about This weeks episode of .....The Walking Dead ! ... The Grove!
Some shocking developments to keep the blood flowing ! Or ....... Not Flowing ! Depending on what side you're on!
   So check out the show and let the Guys no what you think! Check out the link below if you like what you see !

                  And remember ..........

                           Zombie's Never make good house pets!!!!
"Blah !!! ....Moonshine Sucks Dude!"

"They call me .... Smokey!"

"This is my Tutor in .... Crazy!!"

"You're Nuts Bitch!!!!"

"The dance of The Sugar Plum Zombies!!"

"Hey!! We're playing Touch ! Not Tackle!!!"