Saturday, 23 April 2011

Near Dark (1987)

Written by Axemaster April 23 2011
Rating 8 out of 10

Director   -    Kathryn Bigelow

Adrian Pasdar      -      Caleb Colton
Jenny Wright       -       Mae
Lance Henriksen  -      Jesse Hooker
Bill Paxton           -      Severen
Jenette Goldstein  -     Diamondback

  Hey there all you Voracious Vampire Veterans !!
Axemasters back in the dungeon with an Oldie thats a bit Moldy , but its Still a Goldie !!!! The Blood sucking classic ..........Near Dark !! Bbrrrrr !
 Heres the story line in a nut shell ...............

"Jesus ! This fricken razor burn is killing me !"
Good old boy Caleb colton is out on the town for a night of fun ! He's styling Oklahoma like in a leather jacket , cowboy boots and a killer cowboy hat ! The pickup is vintage (and has a heater !! Bonus !) and he's off ! (to the rodeo ! okay no ! ) He heads into town and chats with a couple of his "Posse" (Nyuk Nyuk !) and then he sees an angelic vision with blond hair and green eyes . Mae . Caleb proceeds to throw the moves on Mae (everything short of the lasso !) in hopes of picking her up and riding off into the sunset . But over the next couple nights of courtship , Caleb discovers that its been a long while since Mae has seen the sun , setting or other wise !! Now Mae has been holding off on giving Caleb the bite , because she really likes him , but in a weak moment , she nibbles his neck , juuust a tiny bit ! But thats all it takes for Caleb to start finding it very warm in day light ! Enter the rest of Mae's group of traveling blood suckers ! Led by Jesse Hooker and Severen , two mean ass Vampires who enjoy slaughter and mayhem all over the country side ! Caleb is taken along for the ride from his homestead , and his father sees the abduction and puts out an APB on his son . When that fails he heads out himself looking for his......... "lost boy" ! ( ha ha ah ha )
"I'm on fire for you Woman !!"
"should have used the 60 sunblock dam it !!"
     Anyway , life as a fiendish bloodsucking ghoul just isn't Calebs thing , as he just can't bring himself to harm any of his intended victims . This puts him on the outs with Jesse and Severen , and even though he has a hankering in his heart for Mae greater than any cowpoke ever hankered for a T bone , he tries to hold on to who he was !
  Director Kathryn Bigelow( Hurt Locker , Point Break) does a good job of bringing a sense of desperation into the lives (or unlives!) of the vamps in this flick . Also interesting to note , is that the Vampires in Near Dark look just like you and I ! No makeup or pointy teeth ! No bat like features . Which is more unsettling if you think about it , as they fit right in and won't stand out in a crowd ! (unless they decide to sunbathe at the beach that is !) The film did pretty well back in the day , but was definitely overshadowed at the box office by the other Vamp flick of 1987 ... The Lost Boys .
   However , this is still a great old movie to watch . (even with Bill Paxtons acting !!)

So , remember fright fans ...... The Undead know no bounds in the distance they will travel .... to make tasty Meat snacks out of all of us !!  
                                                        And we Must , AT ALL TIMES !! Remain Vigilant ...... To avoid being smothered in HP sauce !! 
                                                Until your morbid curiosity bring you to the Dungeon again ..........
                                                                  Axemaster Signing off !

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