Sunday, 10 April 2011

Frightmare (1974)

 Written by Axemaster April 10th 2011
 Rating 7 out of 10

 Director   -  Pete Walker

 Rupert Davies     -   Edmund Yates
 Sheila Keith        -    Dorothy Yates
 Deborah Fairfax  -   Jackie
 Paul Greenwood -   Graham
 Kim Butcher       -   Debbie

 Hey Gore Hounds !
 Pete Walker pleases all the fans of the flicks about psycho's on the loose with his 1974 classic Frightmare . The story begins with the sentencing of Edmund and Dorothy Yates for unspeakable crimes of psychotic debauchery . They get locked up in a mental hospital in 1957 . Then , the story jumps forward to modern times (in this case 1974 ! No retro style bellbottoms here , only the real deal !! ) where we're introduced to Jackie . She's a lovely young woman struggling with her social life and her delinquent younger sister Debbie . Also thrown into the plot , is Jackie's new love interest Graham , a psychiatrist who feels the urge to begin diagnosing Debbie in an attempt to get into Jackie's pants ! Hey it's the 1970's , anything goes !! Anyway , along the way we discover that Jackie is keeping some secrets about her and Debbie's family tree  from her friends and from Debbie . There is no love lost between the sisters either , and Debbie ( played brutally well by Kim Butcher ) is keeping her own secrets . The film has great atmosphere as many older British horror films seem to . The real Frightmareish scene's are brought to us via Sheila Keith's character Dorothy Yates . Keith is the most evil looking old English Matron this reviewer has ever seen !
One psycho stare from this broad in a dark alley can put you into the fetal position begging for mercy !! I rated the film 7 out of 10 , but Keith's performance is definitely 10 out of 10 ! Check out the first Drill scene and if you don't run screaming for the door , you must already be DEAD !!

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