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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Happywaxs Video Vault ! S-VHS Trailer (2013) & 3113 Short Film !

                                                                                                 Hey there Short horror Fiends ! Hap's been busy over the last few weeks ! Here's another great episode of Happywax's Video Vault packed full of Trailer & Short Horror Glory ! S-VHS looks like one Not to Miss , and the 3113 Short is proof of what can be done these days with some time and a whole lot of imagination !! So check out Happywaxs Video Vault and stay tuned for more from Doomgoryums Horror Emporium as we get out the Back log of material that we have piling up down here !! Jimmy had a bit of a rebelious streak over the Holidays ! It's hard to find good help in a Dungeon !!!

               So , until we meet again in the darker places ........

                            Stay Scared !!!
"Mr. & Mrs. Axemaster freak
over Hap's Video Vaults
"Even From Deep in the Wilds ..
Karl Headblaster Never Misses
a Video Vault Episode !"

"These Fine Zombies Love It !"

Friday, 27 April 2012

The Music Of Shock Stock 2012 ! The Goblins ! Doomgoryums Special !

Written by Axemaster April 27 2012

 Hey there All you Devilish Rockers ! Axemaster here ! Well the Shock Stock weekend is still fresh in our minds ! Hap and I had an Awesome time at The London Music Hall ! First , local Legends , Sweat Leaf Garrett open the show , and as always , ROCKED with capital letters ! Then , the feature act The Goblins came on and performed some awesomely Chill Grooves ! Many of which were familiar from the many sound tracks they've scored ! None so familiar however , as The dawn of the Dead Sound Track ! Which we have here in the vids below ! So , Check out the clips and rock out , or chill , whatever your fancy ! And , from Hap , Axe & Jimmy ....

                     Stay Scared !!! 

                                                       The Goblins Live !

                                           The Goblins Live ! Dawn of the Dead Theme !

                                                   Sweat Leaf Garrett Live !

                                                  Sweat Leaf Garrett Live !

Thursday, 26 April 2012

SHOCK STOCK 2012 !! Doomgoryum Special Report !

Written by Axemaster April 26 2012 .

Hey there Fright Fans ! Well , it's been a while since we posted something new here at Doomgoryums , but here it is !! Part 1 of our exclusive coverage of STOCK SHOCK 2012 !!!!
We had an Awesome time at the 3 day event and it was well worth the Deluxe Pass cost of just 60 bucks for three days of Horror , Exploitation , and Sci-fi Glory ! So check out the videos below and take your first peek into the world of Shock Stock ! You won't be disappointed ! The video's in Part 1 deal mainly with Interviews of the stars . Coming in Part 2 will be Interviews with the Independent Film makers we had the Pleasure of meeting , and talking to ! So Stay tuned and ..

               From Hap , Axe & Jimmy ............. Stay Scared !!!!!!!

                              Here's our Review of the whole Stock Shock weekend !! Enjoy !

                       The Wonderful Strangeness of Shock Stock ! Good for a Quick Laugh !

                  Joe Pilato (Day Of The Dead ) Interview ! Definitely Not for Young ears !!! 

              Olivia LaCroix & Madeline Brunby Interview . The Ladies from Dear God No !

     Geretta Geretta & Bobby Rhodes Interview ! Everyones Favorite Demons In The Flesh !

Kane Hodder Interview ! The Greatest of All Jasons to Don the Goalie Mask ! And our only 
                                         Bit of Technical Difficulty for the whole weekend !

The Lovely Lynne Griffin ! From Black Christmas , Curtains , and Strange Brew You Hosers !

            This ones called .... The Venders ! Giving you all a first hand view of Shock Stock !

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Dear God No (2011)

Written by Axemaster January 14 2012

See video review below in Episode # 4 of 
The Doomgoryum Report .
Stay tuned for more great Episodes , right 
hear at Doomgoryums Horror Emporium !

              Hey there all you Exploitation Excitables ! Axe is in the Dungeon
tonight with a treat that Hap and I worked up for you !
    Dear God No !! If you like Murderous Biker Mayhem and Boobs (Jimmy sure does !) ! Then check out Episode # 4 of The Doomgoryum Report ! Enjoy , and see you all next time !
"Cut myself Shaving !"
"Boobs !"
"The best thing about being a biker is
Boobs !"
"More Boobs !"

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Ichi the Killer (2001)

Written by Happywax      Sept 2010
Rating 9 out of 10

Director - Takashi Miike

Tadanobu Asano - Kakihara
Nao Ohmori - Ichi
Shin'ya Tsukamoto - Jijii
Paulyn Sun - Karen
Susumu Terajima - Suzuki
                                                   Hey kiddies Happys got a gory treat for you tonight, not to mention one of my all-time favourite Takashi Miike movies, "Ichi the Killer" is a film that requires two viewings. The first viewing you are confronted, disturbed, and confused. The second viewing is to attempt to come to terms with what you just saw. If there ever is a film that can be described as "viscereal", "Ichi the Killer" is it. No matter how much you enjoyed the film, you must admit one thing - Takashi Miike is one of the most audaciously original filmmakers out there today.

Every one of his projects is unique, whether it be the total horror of "Audition", the grotesque satire of "Visitor Q", or the surreal what-ever-it-is of "The Happiness of the Katakuris". You must admire a filmmaker who wants to so severely get a reaction from his audience, whether it be negative or positive. In his best work however, Miike never comes across a whiz kid begging for attention, even if thats what he actually is.

And than we come to this, which may just well be his finest achievement. Its difficult to describe "Ichi the Killer" and even more difficult to describe what makes it work so well. For starters, imagine "Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels" on PCP and far more innovative and original. Add some of the most graphic and grotesque yet still comic book violence coupled with a truly twisted sense of humor.

 This is the darkest comedy of the gallows variety. Than take the kinetic style of "Tetsuo" except with some linear storyline and characters. Mix all these and you have one of the most unique film experiences you will ever see. The film feels like a swift punch to the guts and puts all those newer "disturbing" efforts from Hollywood to absolute shame. This is a film that could never be made by a major studio in America. This is not for those seeking light entertainment, but for those who want something more out of their films. "Ichi the Killer" is very controversial even among fan  of new wave extreme Japanese cinema.

What makes all this ultimately an incredibly surreal work are the characters and their motivations. Lead gangster Kakahira is the most extreme kind of masochist imaginable and seems to be literally addicted to and unaffected by physical pain. Ichi is revealed to be the goofiest comedic character ever, yet manages to work up strength to commit brutal crimes. When these two finally meet, well all I can say is  wow!!! "Ichi the Killer" may simply be an exploitation film, but its one of the most original exploitation films ever made and probably the finest effort from the whole new wave of extreme Japanese cinema.

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Heavy Metal (1981)

Written by Happywax    July 2011
Rating 9 out of 10

Director  -  Gerald Potterton

John Candy
Joe Flaherty
Eugene Levy
Harold Ramis
                       Richard Ramonus
                       John Vernon

 Hey all you Cartoon Creepies,   Happys here with one of my All-time favourite movies infact this is #2 on my FAVS list, other than Dawn of the Dead , I think Ive seen this movie the most, gotta be atleast 60+ times, But enough of that. The film itself is...well...its not your typical animated film. Its a collection of short episodes based on the popular Heavy Metal magazine...the only thing connecting the stories together is that an evil green meteorite called the Locnar is present and/or the source of conflict in each of the episodes. The episodes being:

"Soft Landing" - Typical early MTV'ish style animation with an astronaut re-enter earth...via an old Corvette convertable! Just filler for the credits...but awsome music.

"Grimandi" - Very short clip introducing the Locnar and the daughter of Grimandi, the astronaut/scientist who found the Locnar.

"Harry Canyan" - Think "Taxi Driver" set in the distant future. Gritty animation fits into the bleek and almost depressing atmosphere of a future NYC. Sex, Violence, Corruption on all levels...Ah New York hasn't changed.

"Den" - Teen-age boy's dream come true: 90 pound nerd-boy to hulking Barbarian who also happens to be God's-Gift-To-Women. Pure fantasy story complete with sex, violence, and of course nudity. Even the animation is dark and Conan-ish. (Never knew the word "dork" could be used that way.)

"Capain Sternn" - Humorous sci-fi bit about an infamous space villan who is brought to intergallactic trial for...well...try to keep count of the charges. Animation is sleek, almost cartoonish. Violence, language...but no nudity. This one is my favorite, I bet ive watched this scene over 100 times.........

"B-17" - (Most well done of all the episodes, in my humble opinion) Pure horror. Its "Tales From The Crypt" meet "The Twiligh Zone" or "Outer Limits". Gore and Violence...what did you expect from a horror story? Animation was superb. (No nudity again...oh well)

"So Beautiful And So Dangerouse" - Personally, I think the guys who made the film decided to throw in some sophmoric humor involving two stoned aliens, a beautiful Earth woman, and a over-sexxed add it up. Some violence, nudity, and more drugs than on a Columbian drug running plane.

"Tarrna" - Its Xena meets Mad Max meets Conan meets a Clint Eastwood Western (watch and see). Sci-Fi and Fantasy collide in this violent story of one woman standing up against an army of evil. To hell with Xena...Tarrna rules. The animation seems to have been slowed down a bit during the fight scenes. (I never knew putting on clothes would be so sexy)

Heavy Metal..... I could go on for Hours about how AWSOME this movie is, I gauruntee you will never ever see a movie like this again, do yourself a Huge favour and WATCH THIS MOVIE.............

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Planet Terror (2007)

"Get A Leg Up Will Ya !!"

Written by Happywax  May 2011
Rating 8.5 out of 10

Director   -   Robert Rodriguez

Rose McGowen-   Cherry Darling
Freddy Rodriguez-   Wray
Josh Brolin-   Dr. William Block
Bruce Willis-   Lt. Muldoon
Mary Shelton-   Dr. Dakota Block
Quentin Tarantino- Zombie
Tom Savini   -   Deputy Tolo
" A Crap , I got some on me ! "
"This Humidity is Killing me !"
Well well well , how are all you Gringhousian Gore Geeks , Happys in the dungeon tonight with a special little treat for ya, here is Robert Rodriguez's contribution to "Grindhouse", in my opinion the best film from 2007. Rodriguez's film is an homage to the campy zombie horror films from the 1970's, complete with excessive violence/gore, sexuality, deliberately bad dialogue, and a well-timed missing reel. As an added bonus, he gave the entire movie a look of worn/scratched/faded film as if the reel had seen better days. In the film, a Texas town becomes over-ridden with flesh-hungry sickos after a biochemical is released into the air and a group of survivors (led by a mysterious stranger and a one-legged go-go dancer) must fight to escape.

I can't begin to explain how much I loved this movie. It attempts to be one of those "so-bad-its-good" flicks but comes out as something much greater. The acting is eccentric and over-the-top, with an awesome cast including Freddy Rodriguez, Rose McGowan, Marley Shelton, Bruce Willis, and plenty more. Josh Brolin was fantastic as the evil/creepy Dr. William Block and I got a kick out of Freddy Rodriguez's over-acting as the mysterious Wray. The writing is sharp and the movie never takes itself too seriously.

For fans of cheesy gore/violence, this film has PLENTY to go around. Explosions occur frequently (sometimes without reason), people are torn apart, flesh is consumed, etc. There are some serious gross-out moments in this film, even for those who consider themself desensitized (i.e. the tongue blister...). My favorite moment has to be when Quentin Tarantino makes a cameo appearance as a soldier attempting to rape Cherry Darling (McGowan); his transformation was awesomely sickening and reminiscent of John Carpenter's "The Thing". This movie really does have it all, I think Ive watched this master piece over 25 times, and im still not sick of it, and after the success of Machette and Hobo with a |Shotgun I hope they can keep pumping out the GrindHouse style of movies, I know I'll be there.... 
"Loser ! Cordless is the way to go !!"

Friday, 15 April 2011

Ebola Syndrome (1996)

Written by Axemaster April 15th 2011
Rating 5 out of 10

Director   -   Herman Yau

Anthony Wong Chau Sang  -  Ah Kai
Yeung Ming Wan                -  Yeung
Chan Miu Ying                    -  Har
Law Mong                           -  The Boss
Fui On Shing                       -  Annoyed Husband

Hey there again all you Gore Ghouls !! Axemaster's back in the Dungeon with a real Gristly meet feature for you !! Ebola Syndrome ! ... Yeah .. ahh .. what can I say about Ebola Syndrome !? Well lets start with the story in a nut shell shall we !
  Okay , The tale revolves around Ah Kai . And well ... to put it frankly ...... he is the scum of the earth !! Yes thats right ! If scum balls had a royal family , Ah Kai would be their reigning Monarch hands down . Nothing is beneath this guy ! His hobbies include , adultery , theft , rape , murder , human butchery , and masturbating in restaurant meat supplies !!(Eeeewwww god !! Really !?!) To name a few  .
  The opening scene has Ah Kai in bed shagging his Bosses wife (told you !) The Boss of course comes home catching the two red handed . The bosses wife tries to turn the tables on Ah Kai and say that he was taking advantage of her . The boss proceeds to kick Ah Kai's skinny ass all over the place and just as he's about to get castrated (yes that's castrated !!! Hey might as well start the flick bang !!) , Ah kai says he hates that they are "Bullying" him , which is definitely one of his pet peeves throughout the flick , and turns the tables on the Boss and his cousin (who was helping the Boss with the ass kicking part !) . Yeah old Ah Kai basically kills them all , in a head smashing testicle stabbing frenzy ! All of them that is , but the  Bosses young daughter Yeung ! She witnesses his crimes , and just as he's about to douse her with gas and light her on fire (told you !) he's interrupted and leaves the scene of his mass murder . He Flees Hong Kong where all this went down , and we catch up with him 10 years later in South Africa .
 He's been working for a new boss who runs a restaurant and things seem okay . However , they soon go haywire on a trip into the bush , where the new Boss and Ah Kai go to pick up cheap pork for the restaurant (eeewww) . The village is infected with , yup you guessed it ! Ebola ! This is where Ah kai himself becomes a carrier of the disease by raping an infected tribeswoman (TOLD YOU !)
  From there the plot twists and turns a lot , but Ah Kai just keeps getting scummier . The new Boss and his wife start "Bullying" him , and well , if you're ever in South Africa , don't eat the burgers at a Chinese food restaurant !! Needless to say , Where ever Ah Kai goes ....Ebola follows !
  Its obvious that director Herman Yau goes for the grossout totally with this film . Those who are looking for an Oscar winning screen play should look somewhere else ! Its the gore that makes it watchable . In fact after a while I didn't know if I was watching a horromedy (horror comedy) or and exploitomedy ( exploitation comedy) !! I found myself laughing at the outlandish crudeness , and the absurdity of scene's like the "random mouse run over by a car pulling up" scene !! Hey after 31 years of watching stuff like this I'm a bit Desensitized !! What can I say !!? Watch out parents ! This can happen to your kids too !!
 Until next time Fright fans !!........ Stay out of the shadows and in the light ....... and if you must go into the dark ........... .................... Don't go alone !

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

House of Whipcord (1974)

Written by Axemaster April 12 2011
Rating 7 out of 10

Director   -   Pete Walker

Barbara Markham   -   Mrs. Wakehurst
Patrick Barr            -   Justice Bailey
Ann Michelle          -   Julia
Penny Irving          -   Ann-Marie devarnet
Sheila Keith            -   Walker

Hey there Fellow Fright Freaks !
Axemaster here . This evening I'm reviewing a little gem from the Pete Walker collection , House Of Whipcord ! Buurr ! Chilly title isn't it !? This flick is vintage cinematography , so be prepared for more bellbottoms and high heels than what you'd get at a Kiss concert ! Anyway , the story goes kinda like this ........
 A sexy French model living in England , ann-Marie , (portrayed by Penny Irving in a thick luscious haired , groovy 70's hat kind of way !) meets a tall dark stranger at a party . Mark Desat (who is played by Robert Tayman , and looks kinda like Austin Power's evil cousin !) proceeds to sweep her off her feet . Ann-Marie goes out on a date with him and afterward asks him up to her apartment to jump his bones ! (Hey its the 1970's ! Anything goes !! ) However , Mark declines this tasty offer , and ask's Ann-Marie if she'd like to meet his parents the following weekend ! All this after one night at a party and one date !
She says she'd love to meet them and off they go the next weekend . Things get weird on the drive out of the city and into the countryside , and Mark becomes exceedingly creepy and won't tell Ann-Marie where they are or where they're going . They arrive at what Ann-Marie is hoping is Marks parents place , however .........
 Mark pulls up to an old English country prison and drop's poor hot Ann-Marie off without a word and takes off in Austin's Shaguar !! The doors open and Ann-Marie is hustled inside by Madam Bates (Dorothy Gordon) and Madam Walker ( Play bone chillingly by Sheila Keith ) . These to lovely old girls proceed to strip our hapless heroine and inform her she's going on trial for nude modeling !!
 Anyway , as alway Pete Walker captures an eerie mood with this film . Sheila Keith is one old woman that this reviewer wouldn't want to find standing in his closet at bed time !! She looks like she'd take on a cage fighter and eat his still beating heart before his very eyes !! She appears in all of Walkers film's , probably because HE was afraid of her too !! Also ! It should be mentioned that Barbara Markham (who plays Madam Wakehurst ) is also one psycho looking lady ! Like Margaret Thatcher on crack !!
 So , if you like vintage flicks , this is one thats worth watching . The story is  a good one , even if there isn't much gore . A good creepy tale to keep your blood pumping after the witching hour .......... Mooohahahahah   !!!