Monday, 18 April 2011

The Troll Hunter ( 2010 )

Written by Happywax on April 18 2011
Rating 8 1/2 out of 10

Director   -   Andre Ovredal

 Otto Jesperson              -   Trolljegeren
 Hans Morten Hansen     -   Finn
 Tomas Alf Larsen          -   Kalle
 Johanna Morck             -   Johanna
 Knut Naerum                -   E-verkssjef
 Robert Stoltenberg        -   Polsk Bjornejeger
 Glenn Erland Tosterud   -   Thomas

  Recently our Viking brothers from the icey north have dipped their manely toes in the creative waters of film-making. Thats not to say they haven't before with movies about Nazi Zombies, and an evil Santa Claus. which were both awsome movies , and The Troll Hunter is no different.
  The Troll Hunter is a story that starts with a trio of young college documentarians trying figure out why there are so many bear disappearances happening. Through Carmen Sandiego-like sleuth-work they come upon a Troll Hunter - and then,! Trolls are loose and it's now up to them to put an end to their trolly shenanigans! The film goes down the right paths, and follows a rather formulaic story-line, but with such a unique story leading the way, you're more than happy to take the voyage through troll territory.
 What at great piece of cinema mixing all the genres of how movies can be made - hand-held camera - full HD - special effects - night vision - WOW! No spoilers here. YOU MUST SEE THIS MOVIE. Forget Blair Witch, Cloverfield  and all the other crap made about monsters, in the last little while, this is the ONLY one you need to see. It also captures the beautiful landscape and soul of Norwegian wilderness mixed together with local and national humor.The movie really held tight to the myths behind trolls, such as: being able to smell Chistian blood,and turning to stone and exploding with sun light. Never underestimate the power in the woods. You will never know what hit you unless you see a rock that looks like a face,(you'll know what I mean when you see the movie)The result is truly awesome and the timing for such an innovative film has never been better! I thought i'd never hear myself say this but move over Chuck cause here comes HANS !!!

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