Sunday, 10 April 2011

Insidious (2011)

 Written by Axemaster April 10th 2011
 Rating 9 out of 10

 Director  -  James Wan

 Patrick Wilson     -   Josh Lambert
 Rose Byrne         -   Renai Lambert
 Ty Simpkins        -   Dalton Lambert
 Lin Shaye           -   Elise Rainier
 Barbara Hershey -   Lorraine Lambert

 Okay Gore Hounds , if you're like me , and hags witches and crones send you screaming into the night or make your knees weak with convulsions of terror , then this is the flick for you !! Director James Wan and writer Lee Whannell ( who portrays the character "specks" in the movie ) have proven that they can go beyond the simple gross out shock fare of the Saw flicks with this beautifully frightening flick .
The plot is Quite familiar . New house . Family moving in . House is like a Vampires dream , complete with an attic that has old dressmakers dummies in it ! Eeeewww  !! And then the fun starts ! Things begin to move around on there own . noise's , voices creepy stuff !  Then young Dalton Lambert venture's into the attic for some exploration . He falls off a ladder and his parents come to the rescue .
"I've always felt , someone is looking over me !!"
"Is that a cob web I see up there !? EEeewww!"
They put him to bed and he seems fine . Next day though , all is not well !! I won't say to much about the plot from here on . The film will take you on a great ride of horror and tension ! I was unable to hold onto my bag of M&M's for the rest of the film !! Chocolate flew everywhere ! The magic of this picture is that the makers allowed the tension to build and your imagination to run wild . Some scene's are little more than darkness with a flashlight or a view up a spiral staircase with some inaudible whispers , and as your mind runs wild , the moment there is a spirit on screen , its that much more creepy ! Its obvious that Whannell borrows from classic's like The Shinning and Poltergeist . However he takes us beyond the white snowy Tv screen of Poltergeist , and into the realms of darkness and dread ......where the boogies go !!!!
"Oh god , I look so horrible in spandex !!"
As for the hags witches and crones ..... It seems that Wan and Whannell have a great talent at bringing them to life on the screen ! And its not the first time either . Anyone who remembers 2007's Dead Silence , and that films creepy queen Mary Shaw will agree . This leads me to believe that they must be as scared by them as I am !! I checked the closet five times before going to bed after seeing this flick !
And slept with the lights on for good measure !

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  1. Well said Axemaster! That movie scared the crap out of me. Even the second time I watched it I could not help but whimpering like a shrew with anticipation of the pant-shitting scariness this film delivers so well. Great review!