Monday, 25 April 2011

Dark Floors (2008) Finland

Written by Axemaster April 25 2011
Rating 6 out of 10

Director   -   Pete Riski

Noah Huntley        -   Ben
Dominique Mcelligott - Emily
Skye Bennett        - Sarah
William Hope      - Jon
Leon Herbert      - Rick
Ronald Pickup   -  Tobias

   Hello again Hounds of Horror ! Axemaster here in the Dungeon this fine morning with another terror treat for you ! Dark Floors ! Hooo !!
This is a pretty cool flick out of Finland , thats worth a peek on a dark dreary evening ! Heres the story in a nut shell .....................

"Eeeeww ! Creepy girls have the right of way !"
  Sarah , is autistic and is in a creepy hospital for a brain scan . Ben , her dad is tired of all the tests that seem to show no results and when the machine shes in blows a fuse , he pulls her out with the intension of taking her home ! Emily is the hot nurse who clings longly to the science of the hallowed halls of medicine and tries to convince Ben , that Sarah is best off in the hospital (death central ... bbrrrr !!) . Sarah (a.k.a. creepy mumbling kid in wheelchair !) likes to draw eerie pictures , with half seen beings lurking in swirls of black crayon ! (great !) as the three are walking toward the elevator , Ben intending to leave with his creepy kid , Emily begging him to reconsider , they are joined by three more !(for higher body counts of course !! ) Rick , the heroic security guard . Tobias , the local wino in for treatment (who seems just as eerie as old Sarah there !!) And Jon . Jon's the guy you hope will be decapitated with a teaspoon as soon as possible !! You know horror fans , the business guy with the attitude that , he is the universe !
"Come on guys ! I was just ribbing ya !!"
  Our six characters watch the elevator doors slide closed and then , the world tilts on its ear !! The elevator stops between floors ( this is when Tobias says rather eerily , "not 6 not 7 , not hell not heaven ! Bbrrr!) for a few minutes and when they get the doors open on floor 6 , the place seems deserted . The gang then sets off to find a way out of Eerie General before its too late ! They encounter stranger and stranger scene's out a nightmare (Two guesses who's nightmare ....... if you guesses creepy mumbly girl YOU WIN A STUFFED ZOMBIE !! Yeeaaahhh !! ) . As the gang descend to different floors (dark ones for sure !) , the hospital looks like it has gone through a war or a zombie invasion , or a sock hop from hell or something !! Ben must make the decision to stick by his daughter , or turn tail and RUN ! Will our Heros ever see day light again !??? You'll have to watch the flick to find out ! Nope I won't tell you ! Nope I won't !! HA ha !
"Let me out ! She's Sooo Creepy!"
  Now I've seen better films than Dark Floors , but believe you me ! I've seen far worse ! (Ghost Lake and The Fog remake come immediately to mind , but I'll get to those later , when I can stand the mental anguish !) What I like about this flick is that it has a bit of everything . Ghosts ! Zombies ! Deserted creepy hospital scenes ! Demons ! What is odd about it is how it ends . Puzzling for me , and I'll have to re-watch this one to see if I can figure it out !  Maybe YOU , Faithful Fright Fiends , can help me out with it . Drop me a line down here in the Dungeon !

   Well ....... Until we meet again , in the Murkier places .....................
                                         remember ........... if you've got to go to the hospital ...... get a room on the ground floor !!! 

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