Tuesday, 12 April 2011

House of Whipcord (1974)

Written by Axemaster April 12 2011
Rating 7 out of 10

Director   -   Pete Walker

Barbara Markham   -   Mrs. Wakehurst
Patrick Barr            -   Justice Bailey
Ann Michelle          -   Julia
Penny Irving          -   Ann-Marie devarnet
Sheila Keith            -   Walker

Hey there Fellow Fright Freaks !
Axemaster here . This evening I'm reviewing a little gem from the Pete Walker collection , House Of Whipcord ! Buurr ! Chilly title isn't it !? This flick is vintage cinematography , so be prepared for more bellbottoms and high heels than what you'd get at a Kiss concert ! Anyway , the story goes kinda like this ........
 A sexy French model living in England , ann-Marie , (portrayed by Penny Irving in a thick luscious haired , groovy 70's hat kind of way !) meets a tall dark stranger at a party . Mark Desat (who is played by Robert Tayman , and looks kinda like Austin Power's evil cousin !) proceeds to sweep her off her feet . Ann-Marie goes out on a date with him and afterward asks him up to her apartment to jump his bones ! (Hey its the 1970's ! Anything goes !! ) However , Mark declines this tasty offer , and ask's Ann-Marie if she'd like to meet his parents the following weekend ! All this after one night at a party and one date !
She says she'd love to meet them and off they go the next weekend . Things get weird on the drive out of the city and into the countryside , and Mark becomes exceedingly creepy and won't tell Ann-Marie where they are or where they're going . They arrive at what Ann-Marie is hoping is Marks parents place , however .........
 Mark pulls up to an old English country prison and drop's poor hot Ann-Marie off without a word and takes off in Austin's Shaguar !! The doors open and Ann-Marie is hustled inside by Madam Bates (Dorothy Gordon) and Madam Walker ( Play bone chillingly by Sheila Keith ) . These to lovely old girls proceed to strip our hapless heroine and inform her she's going on trial for nude modeling !!
 Anyway , as alway Pete Walker captures an eerie mood with this film . Sheila Keith is one old woman that this reviewer wouldn't want to find standing in his closet at bed time !! She looks like she'd take on a cage fighter and eat his still beating heart before his very eyes !! She appears in all of Walkers film's , probably because HE was afraid of her too !! Also ! It should be mentioned that Barbara Markham (who plays Madam Wakehurst ) is also one psycho looking lady ! Like Margaret Thatcher on crack !!
 So , if you like vintage flicks , this is one thats worth watching . The story is  a good one , even if there isn't much gore . A good creepy tale to keep your blood pumping after the witching hour .......... Mooohahahahah   !!!

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