Friday, 30 November 2012

DEad Walk Talk # 13 ! The Walking Dead "When The Dead Come Knocking" !

Written by Axemaster November 30 , 2012  Hey Fright Fans ! Well ... The Plot thickens on the Walking Dead's "When The dead Come Knocking" !
And the Doomgoryum Guys Break it down for you in This weeks Episode of Dead Walk Talk ! If you're as Jazzed as they are about the upcoming Midseason Finale , then Tune in and see what they have to say !
Stay tuned for more great Episodes of The Doomgoryum Report , and Dead Walk Talk !

         From hap , Chap , Axe , & Jimmy ........

                          Stay Scared !!!

"Room Service in this place SUCKS !"
"We Smell A Buffet !!"

"Oh Yeah !! SOUP'S ON !!"
"What's A Girl Have to Do To Get A Room HERE !?"

" I love these walks in the Woods !"

"I know how to get The BEST Rooms !"

"Let me Pick Your Brain !"
"You Got something on your chin .. right here !"

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Happywax's Video Vault ! ABC's of Death Trailer , The Promise & Tune For Two !

Written by Axemaster November 27 , 2012 .                                                                                                                                     Hey there Short Film Freaks ! Well Hap has outdone himself again on this weeks Happywax's Video Vault ! You won't want to miss the trailer for  ... The ABC's Of Death .... and then , he top's it off with not one , but Two short films ! The Man just can't be stopped in his relentless hunt for Short Horror Flicks ! So sit back , grab your Skittles , and check out the show ! Let us know what you think and if you like what you see , Subscribe to our You Tube Channels !

     Until we meet again in the darker places ....

                    Stay Scared !!!!!

"Axe is Crazy About The Video Vault !"

"Hap Always Has A GAS !"

"Karl Headblaster Tunes in Via Satellite !" 

"Would Lend These Men Your Car Keys !?"

Dead Walk Talk # 12 ! The walking Dead's "Hounded" !

Written by Axemaster November 27 , 2012

  Hey there Zombie Freaks ! Hap , Axe , & Jimmy are at it again ! Dissecting this weeks Walking Dead Episode ! "Hounded" was a bit of a sleeper , but tune in to hear what the Doomgoryum Guys had to say ! Leave us your thoughts , and let us know what you think ! Stay tuned for more great Episodes of .... Dead Walk Talk !!! And keep your eyes pealed for more Episodes of  ... The Doomgoryum Report !

           From Hap , Axe & Jimmy ..............

                        Stay Scared !!

"She left us a message ... But I never learned to Read !"

"Dam It ! I'll Never Get Any Tower Time Now !"


"Has anyone seen my Gilligans Island Tee Shirt !?"

"Shane !?   ......... SHANE !!!!???"

"Ahh ... Kissing an Idiot is such Bliss !"

"I'm like The Clap !! Hard To Get Rid of !"

"Oh Boy !! Maybe I'll get that Tower Time !"

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Dead Walk Talk # 11 ! The Walking Dead , "Say The Word" !

 Written by Axemaster November 14 , 2012

   And the action continues !!! The Doomgoryum Guys bring you another great , "Don't Miss It" Episode of Dead Walk Talk !! The Walking Dead's .... "Say The Word" Picks up the Pieces after that Surprises and Horrors of "Killer Within"shocked fans last week . This episodes no slouch either !! So tune in and see what's up for Rick and and the gang !! Hap , Axe & Jimmy have their ears to the ground , and give you the low down !!! Stay tuned for More Dead Walk Talk ... right here in Doomgoryums Dungeon !

                            From Hap , Axe & Jimmy .........

                                        Stay Scared !!!!!
"You've got a dandruff problem lately !"

"Hello ...... Is this My Sanity calling !!?"

"DAH .... Which Way did he go !!???"
"Don't tell Merl ... DON"T FRICKEN TELL MERL !"

"How's a girl supposed to stay in shape around here !?"
"Hey Buddy , She gave Me Indigestion Too !" 

"Boy I wish we had Tower Time !"

"The Formula or your Life !"

The Doomgoryum Report # 43 ! Hotel Transylvania (2012) !

Written by Axemaster November 14 , 2012

    Hey there all you Creepy Cartoon Connoisseurs !! Hap , Axe & Jimmy are joined by Sophia The Zombie Phee Phee , to bring you a great treat !!  Hotel Transylvania ! We loved this animated Horror Homage to the classic Horror Flicks of old , and we think you will too! So Pop some corn , turn out the lights and settle in to check out this Episode of The Doomgryum Report and Enjoy !!

             And Remember ................

                     When traveling the more remote roads ....

                           Be sure you always check in before Dark ......

                                    Or you might just ... Check Out ...... Early !!!!!

" A Zing a Zing Zing !!"

"HEY !!! What the Rating on this flick !!?"

"Some class photo Eh !?"

"Waiter ! More Severed Liver to table ten !"

"Mr. Pink !? Mr. Black !? Mr. White !?"

"YOU !!! You took the last OREO !!!"

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Dead Walk Talk # 10 ! The Walking Dead "Killer Within" !

Written by Axemaster November 8 , 2012      Holly Cow Zombie Lovers ! You're definitely not going to want to miss this Episode of Dead Walk Talk ! The Walking Dead's "Killer Within" is one Killer Episode , and The Doomgoryum Guys Break it down for you right here in the Dungeon ! Check out the predictions and make your own concerning the future of your favourite Walking Dead characters , and wheather they'll make mid season ! Lets face it folks ..... They're Dropping like flies already !! Who knows what else is in store for us ! And Them !
So tune in and check out the fun ! If you like what you see subscribe to our You Tube Channel !

                             See you next Week !

                                   From Hap , Axe & Jimmy .....

                                          Stay Scared !!!!
"When are they Gonna Let US use the Tower Carol !"

"Take a good look Ricky Boy ! It's
The Last one you'll get !"

"Psycho Killer ? Queska Say !??"

"Mmmmm ! T Dog Steak !"


"Get every Last one I can before it's Too Late !"

"Mummy doesn't want to arm wrestle right
now Karly Poo !"

"Is That The DICKY DEE !!!? IT IS !!

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Happywaxs Video Vault ! A haunted House (2012) Trailer , Sucka Blood (Short Film) !

Written by AxeMaster November 6 , 2012

     Hey there Horror Hounds ! Happ's Back with an Awesome Episode of The Video Vault for you ! Trust me , You won't want to miss Sucka Blood !! It's excellent Hi Quality stuff ! The Stuff of Nightmares of course ! Which is what we specialize in here in Doomgoryum's Dungeon ! So sit back , relax and Pop That Corn and tune to Happywax's Video Vault !!

                 And Remember .....................

"I leave NOTHING Overlooked
In My Quest For Horror !"
                       Sucking of Thumbs will be Severely Punished !!!! 

"By Jove Happ !! You've ....
I say You've outdone Yourself Old Boy !"

"Sucka Blood is so Scary , It has
Karl Headblaster & Axemaster , Heading
For The Hills !"