Friday, 31 January 2014

Doomgoryum Report # 59! Prince Of Darkness (1987)!

Written by Axemaster, January 31, 2014.

  Okay Horror Hounds! This one's bound to sending under the covers, shivering all the way! Back in 1987, John Carpenter brought out a slightly overlooked Gem.......... Prince Of Darkness !
The Doomgoryum Guys say, this one is worth your time! So Fear No Evil and Venture Forth ! Check out the review, and the flick, If you dare! Then if your not too worn out ... check out the link below for more Horror Tidbits! Subscribe if you like what you see!

           And remember kids...............

                If you see worms on the windows ......

                      And bugs and Beetles crawling on your toes...

                                 It could be a good night to lock your doors and 

                                          Stay Scared !!!!!!

"I wanna Hold Your Haaa aand !"
"Mmm I love Shamrock Shakes!"

"Well ? Pizza? Or Mexican?!!"
"Yes, My mustache is Thick... and Hairy !"

"I really HATE Missing spots when I shave!"
"Okay then ! Strip Poker it is Kids!"

"Clearasil ! Don't Fail Me Now!!!"
"No More Mr. Nice Guy! No More Mr. Cle EE Ean !"

Doomgoryum Report # 58! The Fog (1980)!

Written by Axemaster January 31, 2014.

  Okay Kids ! To Some of you, this flick needs No Introduction! Some may have seen the Remake and are wondering Why We'd Bother!? Well, in the Doomgoryum Guys opinion, The 1980 version of........
    The Fog........... Is the Only Version!
So check out the review, and see for yourself! This is a classic you won't want to miss! Don't miss the link below, and you'll get even more Horror Action!

    From Hap, Chap, Axe, Jimmy & Karl ......

             Watch out for those Foggy nights...........

                   When Ghost ships can sail again !!!!

"The Scariest Beach Ever!"
"Goddam Sqeegie Kids!!"

"The Scariest light house!"

"This is No Time for Mad Magazine Father!"

"Ahh, sorry gentlemen. No smoking in the church please!"

"Our Father ! Holy SHit !!"

"Hmm ... Feel like I'm Being Watched !"

Doomgoryum Shorts! The Return Of Karl Headblaster!

Written by Axemaster, Janurary 31, 2014.

In 2011, Doomgoryum Operative, and founder Karl Headblaster, went into the wilds on a top secret mission, to fight Evil! On the morning of June 6th, he and Axemaster inserted into a location that to this day, remains classified in the Doomgoryum archives. 7 days later, Axemaster was found floating in a life boat near death. Karl was never seen or heard from again. Painfully, after 3 years of searching, The Doomgoryum Guys, closed his file. Karl was listed as ... MIA.
      Until , one day, they began picking up his distress signal!

Check out the video for the whole story! You can never really close the book on Karl!
"Right then ! Off we go!"
"Trained to eat things that would
Make a billy goat puke!"
"Evil melt before these Ruffians!"
"OKay! Follow Me! I know where I'm going!"
"The last know photo of Axe & Karl on ...
"The Last Patrol" !"

Dead Walk Talk # 30! The Walking Dead's "Too Far Gone"!

Written by Axemaster January 31, 2014.

Okay Zombie Freaks! It's Mid Season Finale time again! And The Doomgoryum Guys Break down the carnage! They'd like to say .. "So long Hershal, You'll be missed!" & "It's About Fricken Time The Governor Got His!" Check out the review and the link below for more Horror Fun!

      From Hap, Chap, Axe & Jimmy.......

             Remember to always try to Keep your Head !!!!

"The Governor is a real pain in the neck!"
"A little off the top please!"

"Stabbings Too Good For Him!!"

"Did I Do THAAAAT!!??"

"SHould have Been The Governor!!!"

"Shootings Too Good For Him!!"

Dead Walk Talk # 29! The Walking Dead's "Dead Weight"!

Written by Axemaster January 31, 2014

Hey There Gore Ghouls ! The Doomgoryum Guys give you the break down on another crazy Zombie filled Episode of... The Walking Dead!
Check out .... Dead Weight..... And see what you think! Check out the website below for more Horror Action and subscribe if you like what you see!

     From Hap, Chap, Axe & Jimmy........

             Stay out of The Pit  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Governor Gives advice!"

"The Governor gives chess lessons!"

"The Governor Gives Golf Lessons!"

"The Governor Gives Swimming Lesson!"

"The Governor Always Feeds His Pets!"