Sunday, 10 April 2011

Outpost (2008)

 Written by Happywax on april 10 2011
 Rating 8 out of 10

 Director  -  Steve Barker

 Ray Stevenson   -   DC
 Julian Wadham  -   Hunt
 Brett Fancy       -   Taktarov
 Richard Brake   -   Prior
 Julian Rivett       -   Voyteche

 So where do I begin, well, for anyone who has played wolfenstien or any of the Call of Dutys zombie maps this movie is a must see, anytime you mix nazis with the undead, you know you've struck gold, and on top of that throw in great acting, a smart script, really how can you go wrong? They stress atmosphere, sharply drawn characters, and then, in an almost unprecedented development in low grade horror, people who actually act in smart and logical fashion. The squad of soldiers in this one really moves and acts like a squad of soldiers. There is a reason for them to be where they are. There is a reason they are trapped. They take cover, lay claymores, worry about high ground and suppressing fire, pair off in twos to search, and in general never give you any reason to question whether they are actors rather than military men. That is INCREDIBLY refreshing, and adds a remarkable degree of believability to the whole exercise, in much the way that the marines in Aliens (obviously a vastly superior movie) acted like actual soldiers and made you believe it. And in the same vein, all of the characters here have solid, believable dialogue and react in believable fashion when put under stress. The acting is solid, nobody is flat, there are no stupid joke characters, few cheap scares. The whole thing is just very intelligently done. I love this movie and ive watched dozens of times and im sure after you watch it once you'll be hooked to. Dont believe me?? Then check out the trailer below.

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