Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Jack Brooks MONSTER SLAYER (2007)

Written by Happywax   Aug 2011
Rating 8 out of 10

Director - Jon Knautz

Robert Englund - Prof Gordon Crowley
Trevor Matthews - Jack Brooks
Daniel Kash - Counselor Silverstein
David Fox - Howard
Rachel Skarsten - Eve

Hey Gang, Happys got a treat for you tonight.This movie would have been considered a pretty standard slasher/monster flick, had it been released in the 80s or early 90s. Although today it really sticks out as something completely different and Awsome. Why? Didn't you notice!? It showed no trace of computer generated images! At least none that I could see. Which was soo friggin refreshing. It reminded me of a simpler time, when monsters were rubbery and actually looked fake in a real way (instead of the other way around).

Keep in mind - this is not a perfect movie. Far from it! Some of it's more obvious flaws are, as follows:

There's not a huge amount of blood. The action level is mediocre. Many jokes are somewhat bland. The storyline gets a bit repetitive, and it's not scary unless you are a complete wuss.

Actually, the story of Jack is a really stupid one. Luckily the people who made this movie made no effort to hide it. Instead they beefed up the characters lack of depth, going beyond being just stereotypical slasher victims, to the point of great self-aware satire. Especially David Fox, who delivers comedic gold in the role of Howard; the eccentric hardware store clerk.

To me, this movie pays great homage to the greatest generation of horror movies. Especially slasher legend Robert Englund, who is great as professor Crowley (a reference to Aleister Crowley perhaps?) - anyone out there who like him as Freddy Kreuger, will adore his monstruous acting in this one.

Fans of cheezy 80's slasher flicks a la "House" will enjoy this movie - I guarantee it! It's got a certain charm we don't see much of these days which is really to bad cause this movie is AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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