Friday, 19 August 2011

Hellraiser Revelations

Written by Happywax    Aug 2011

Unfortunately Dimension Films put another Hellraiser sequel into production for the purpose of keeping the films rights so they could eventually unleash a remake. So, I feel sorry for the filmmakers who was given the task to create another Hellraiser sequel, as they had a very limited budget, something like $300,000 and it was a 12-day shoot.
Also they didn’t have Doug Bradley onboard, so, with that being said,  we have the trailer debut for the upcoming sequel below. You can definitely feel its low-budget presence and for some reason it has some cinéma vérité style in there. And, Pinhead looks awful, it looks like he's gain about 40 pounds, dont they have any gyms in hell  ?????????
The film is directed by Victor Garcia and stars Steven Brand, Daniel Buran, Jolene Anderson, Nick Eversman, Stephen Smith Collins, and Jay Gillespie.
Hellraiser: Revelations hits VOD and actually has a limited theatrical release on September 1st, followed by its DVD release on October 18th. Heres yet another example of a franchise turning what was a great classic movie with awsome characters into a laughable piece of shit !!!!!!!!

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