Sunday, 31 July 2011

Leviathan (1989)

Written by Happywax    july 2011
Rating 6.5 out of 10

Director - George P. Cosmatos

Peter Weller - Steven Beck
Richard Crenna - Dr. Glen Thompson
Amanda Pays - Elizabeth Williams
Daniel Stern - Buzz "sixpack" Parrish
Ernie Hudson - Justin Jones

Hey Kiddies, here we are on another long weekend, and I feel its my duty to make you feel unsafe to go into the water at the beach ............Of all the underwater thrillers that came out in 1989, "The Abyss" might have had the biggest production value and "DeepStar Six" might have had the most gore scenes, but "Leviathan" was easily the most entertaining. The cast is a sight to behold. It's a get-together of countless familiar 80's faces: you get RoboCop, Col. Trautman from the "Rambo"-movies, Winston from "Ghost Busters", the nice hotel manager that helps Julia Roberts out in "Pretty Woman", Evil-Lyn from "Masters Of The Universe" and The Reverend from "C.H.U.D." (who you might also know as the funny tall burglar from "Home Alone" or just as Daniel Stern). Add to that the smokin' hot Amanda Pays (who I've never seen in any other movie before but whom I'd sure like to see more of) and you got yourself the crew of a lifetime.

The basic premise doesn't alter much from "The Abyss" and "DeepStar Six" and borrows heavily from "Alien" and "The Thing". A group of scientists are working on *something* deep under the surface of the ocean. Just three days before their mission is reaching its end they discover a sunk Russian ship that carries a deadly cargo. It doesn't take long until all hell breaks loose..


"Leviathan" is hilariously cheesy, but that's okay. Even though the monsters look incredibly crappy and are so awkwardly intercut with the actors that we don't believe for a second the crew is actually fighting them, the movie is kinda thrilling from the get go until the very end. Most of all, the movie is a lot of fun and the one-liners hit home. Peter Weller's very final line is fried gold, as Nick Frost would say. They don't make them like that anymore. And when are computers finally going to work and talk like they do in this movie? Anyways that all I've got for now, have a great long weekend, and remember dont go to deep into the water........................LOL

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