Friday, 19 August 2011

Mad Max 2 The Road Warrior (1981)

Written by Happywax   Aug 2011
Rating 10 out of 10

Director - George Miller

Mel Gibson - Mad Max Rockatansky
Bruce Spencer - The Gyro Captain
Michael Preston - Pappagallo
Max Phipps - The Toadie
Vernon Wells - Wez
 Kjell Nilsson - The Humungus
Hey all you road raging apocolyptic warriors Happys got his first 10 out of 10 movie for you, Sequels that actually outshine the greatness of their predecessor are rare, but even though the original "Mad Max" of 1979 was an excellent film that can easily be considered a classic, "Mad Max 2" aka. "The Road Warrior" is an even more brilliant film, in my opinion. While "Mad Max" had some of the typical ingredients of the gritty and great late 70s (such as the revenge/vigilante theme that was popularized by Michael Winner's 1974 masterpiece "Death Wish"), "The Road Warrior" is all 80s, or, more precisely, one of the awesome films to herald the particular style of 80s film-making. "Mad Max" was basically an action thriller/revenge flick set in the near future that had an atmosphere of the upcoming apocalypse. "The Road Warrior" is post-apocalyptic, a futuristic Sci-Fi/Fantasy extravaganza that can easily be considered a milestone in several aspects.

After civilized society has been doomed by a horrible World War, the surviving people dwell on an earth ruled by those who are strongest and most ruthless. In the menacing wasteland of the Australian outback, vicious gangs of bikers terrorize those who were (un)lucky enough to live through the apocalypse. The most widely feared and unspeakably cruel biker warlord on the subcontinent is called Lord Humungus, a name which spreads terror. In this menacing world, people do not fight for wealth and fortune, but for mere survival. One of the very talented survivors, a tough road warrior, goes by the name Max...

Mad Max Rockatanski was mainly an avenger in the original film, and he has become a super-tough anti-hero in the sequel.  Mad Max Rockatanski fights his way through the post-apocalyptic Australian future. A near and menacing future that is. I am not a big fan of Mel Gibson in general, but he is brilliant in the role of Mad Max Rockatanski, easily the greatest role he ever played, and I cold not possibly imagine anybody else to play that role. The performances are generally good, and the characters remarkable. Characters such as the 'Gyro Captain' or a boomerang-throwing little boy are ingenious, and Lord Humungus is the most sardonic villain imaginable.

  Director George Miller truly knows how to create a stunning mood. The general atmosphere is menacing and unique, and the film has a brilliant visual style, be it in its brilliant settings, or the bizarre looks of its characters and their weird vehicles. While generally brutal, gritty, menacing and dark, "Mad Max 2" also has heart-warming moments, such as a little kid's delight when he receives a (tiny and hardly noteworthy) present. I could go on to praise this film for a long time, but I will just give the advice to watch it instead. "The Road Warrior" is one of the absolute classics of the 80s, and a cinematic masterpiece that no lover of film could possibly afford to miss!

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