Sunday, 21 August 2011

Reign Of Fire (2002)

Written by Axemaster August 21 2011
Rating 8 out of 10

Director   -   Rob Bowman

Christian Bale  -  Quinn
Matthew McConughey  -  Van Zan
Gerard Butler   -   Creedy
Izabella Scorupco  -  Alex

                        Hey there all you Dragon Slayers !! August of the Apocalypse continues here at Doomgoryums ! Axemaster in the Dungeon tonight with a real Creature Feature , Apocalyptic crossover for you !
 Reign Of Fire !! This is a fresh take on the End Of Days flick ! I mean , Hey  ! Would you ever have thought that Dragons would play a role in ending the world !!?? Me Neither !
Here's the story line in a nut shell ..........................

       The film begins in present day London England . Little Quinn is visiting his Mom at work . She's an Engineer for the city and she's working on a new tunnel system for the subway . Quinn goes to the job site and rides down into the bowls of the city on the elevator . As he is visiting with Mom , the work crew that is drilling the new tunnels , break through into a void in the bed rock . This is not good as they
it will stop work for quite a while as they check this mystery cavern
"Hey ! Thats Not God Zilla !"
for safety ! (Boy do they have a surprise coming !) Little Quinn ends up going over to the drilling machine for a look into the void . He takes a flashlight and crawls in !(Safety first my ass !) Inside , things look quite gothic , with arches and weird rock formations . you almost get the impression that Satan himself might pop up in here and make Quinn a deal he can't refuse !! Instead , Quinn hears breathing . As he's looking around for the source , a gout of flame falls to the floor of the cavern behind him !! He looks up and the Roof of the cavern begins to move !  Low and Behold , he finds himself staring into the eyes of a creature , right out of fairy tales and Tolkien's The Hobbit ! The Dragon  seems a bit groggy and goes to spit flames at Quinn , but what comes out is its "Lighter Fluid" ! This misfire splashes all over Quinn , and gets into his eyes ! He runs for the exit from this cavern of creep shows and finds his Mom on the other side ! She sees his eyes have
" I Say Old Boy ... The Mosquitoes
Are Dreadful this time of Year !"
turned red , and takes him to the elevator and they start to head up , Quinn all the while babbling about "Something" being in the cavern that shouldn't be in the cavern ! Then , as they are heading up , the tunnel erupts into blazing fire , as the Dragon belches out fire for the first time after a long nap ! As they ride toward safety , Quinn and his Mom hear they unearthly sounds of some "Something" making its way up and out of the tunnels below . Quinns Mom shields him
with her body as a huge beast emerges from the cauldron of flames below and crawls over the steel cage of the elevator !! This beast crawls up and over them and takes to the skies over a stunned London ! When Quinn tries to rouse his Mom , he finds that she's been killed as the Dragon crushed the elevator cage !
       Fast forward twenty years ! Little Quinn is now Big Quinn !
"Dragons make me Jumpy !!"
He's living in a medieval castle in North England ! (Wow ! Its like he's a Rock Star or something !!) He's the man in charge of a group of survivors , who have come to live in this timeless strong hold . There is something cool about this setting and it makes for a great desolate atmosphere for the flick . The Dragons have multiplied incredibly rapidly , to the point that they quickly overtook the armed forces of the world and laid waste to the planet in a sea of flames ! It seems that they feed on Ash . So they need to burn the surface of the Planet to survive ! In fact , Quinn and his band of survivors believe that the Dragons have burnt just about everything they can , and are now starving to death ! Quinn hopes to out last them as they die off , but life is hard and everyone must keep a wary eye on the sky at all times ! The castle dwellers have worked hard to grow a crop of vegetables under camo netting and they hope to harvest it soon ! However , a few disgruntled castle dwellers led by a shlub named Eddy , want to pick the crop early and head off somewhere else . This Boob nabs the keys to a truck , takes his kids and a couple of pals and
"Ooo ! Dragon Breath ! Yuck !"
sneaks off to the fields and starts to loot the crop ! The activity attracts a dragon , and All hell breaks lose as the beast sets the fields ablaze and kills a couple of Eddy's kids and pals ! (Idiot !)
 Quinn of course is furious about the set back and the group must now determine how they will last the winter with no crop to keep them !
  As if all this weren't enough , the sentries pick up voices on the radio ! There hasn't been any communication with any other survivors in years , so this can't be good ! Off in the distance , we see a group of armored cars and tanks approaching ! Quinn and his group believe that this is a band of marauders and get ready to defend the castle keep! However , as the tank draws near and rumbles to a stop in front of the gates , they are surprised as an American solder (rather deranged looking !) jumps out ! He tells Quinn and the castle folk , that his name
is Van Zan and that he's a Dragon Slayer ! They've come across the Atlantic to end the Dragon menace and save Humanity !
"Pull !"
Quinn scoffs at this saying that nothing has flown in the skies but Dragons for twenty years  ! Then , making him eat his words , a chopper flies over head ! This brings new hope to the castle dwellers and they let the Americans in and shelter them as they rest up for their mission ! Van Zan has a plan ! Quinn thinks it will only stir up a Dragons nest !
  Will Quinn and the Castle Crew survive the Dragons onslaught !!?
Will Van Zan , muscle his way into the history books !??
Will there be a new crop and a new tomorrow for the burnt out planet !!????
 I'll Never Tell ! You'll have to watch this one to find out for yourselves Fright Fans !! I think you'll enjoy this flick as much as I did . But don't take my word for it ! Decide for yourselves ! Grab some popcorn and soda , and curl up for a while .

                           Until we meet again in the darker places ................

                                        Stay Scared !!!

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