Tuesday, 16 August 2011

The Mist (2007)

Written by Axemaster August 16 2011
Rating 9 out of 10

Director   -   Frank Darabont

Thomas Jane   -   David Drayton
Marcia Gay Harden  -  Mrs. Carmody
Laurie Holden   -   Amanda Dumfrey
Andre Braugher  -  Brent Norton
Toby Jones   -   Ollie Weeks
William Sadler  -  Jim
Jeffery Demunn  -  Dan Miller

                         Hey there all you Creature feature Maniacs !! Welcome to another installment in our August of the Apocalypse Series !!! Axemasters in the Dungeon tonight with a real strange Apocalyptic tale for you .................... The Mist !!! This one is based on the Stephen King short story by the same name , which first appeared in Dark Forces Magazine way back in 1980 ! (Hey I remember 1980 !!) Later it was released as part of his novel Skeleton Crew . Here's the story line in a nut shell ...........

"Hey larry ! You're burning some oil !"
      The flick opens on David Drayton , at work in his studio . He's an artist specializing in Movie posters and stuff like that (Hey , I like this guy already !) He and his wife and son live on a lake in Maine (Of Coarse ! Its Steve-o's story isn't it !) , near Castle Rock . Its late , and there's a hell of a storm going on outside . It gets so bad that they three of them head down into the fruit cellar and wait it out down there ! Good thing too , because a huge old tree comes crashing in the window of Davids studio and demolishes everything !!
   The next morning , the Draytons emerge from the cellar and take a look at the destruction caused by the storm . Not only is there a tree through the studio window ! There's a tree on top of their boathouse !! (Ouch , no tubing for a while !) While they're looking at the boathouse , (Or what's left of it !) they notice a strange cloud of Mist on the other side of the lake ! Its curling its way down the mountain on the other side ! Huh ! Weird ! (You bet it is !) They dismiss it as a remnant of last nights storm and get back to the tree on their boathouse . The tree that killed the boathouse belongs to their asshole neighbor , Brent Norton ! He's a hotshot New York Lawyer (Oh one of those !) who David has already had a heated  property line dispute with , and they aren't on the best of terms ! David goes over to Nortons place for his insurance info , and finds him trying to start a chainsaw . There is another downed tree on Nortons property , and it is laying smack dab on top of his Mercedes ! David extends the olive branch and offers Norton a ride into town to pick up some supplies . The power is still out and the phone lines are down !
David leaves his wife at home and he and his little boy Bill , ride into town with the asshole Norton .
"Dam this Acne cream !! Its not working !"
    Its seems every one in town has had the same Idea . that is to go to the Food Store and stock up on supplies ! The lines in the store are really long , as the power is out and its cash only ! The cashiers have to do the math ! (Shheeesh ! ) The town seems to be awash in activity . There's Army trucks flying up the road in a big hurry ! (Hhmmm !) Every ones whispering about the base on the Other Side Of the Lake ... (Where the Mist seems to be coming from !! Hint Hint !) and the Arrowhead Project !! (Dun Da Da Dun !!) Fire trucks are speeding past the store as david , Big Bill , and Norton are standing in line . Every one seems on edge , just the slightest bit . Its like there's something in the air ! Then , there is something in the air ! The sound of the towns air raid siren blaring away off in the distance ! The store has gone quiet . Every one is looking out the window . Then , they see an old guy come running at top speed down the street ! He's got a bloody nose and he looks terrified ! He storms in the doors and yells .. " Something In The Mist Took John Lee !!" People start to freak out and the old "Jogger" tells them to close the doors ! Just then , the mist comes rolling into the street ! Its thick and white and creepy ! It blankets everything and the world goes dim and dark and its
"Ah .. We're gonna need more Raid !"
only the morning ! Suddenly there is an earth quake and everyone's freaking out again ! They pick themselves up and stand looking out into the Mist . Everyones got an Idea what the Mist might be , or what caused it , but one things for sure ! After the old jogger said that there was something in the Mist , No one wants to step out into it ! Norton assumes the role of The Logical Explanation Guy . Then there is Mrs. Carmody . She's the towns resident expert on The God Of The Israelites !!! She believes that the Apocalypse is upon them , and that God is cashing in all the chips !! Everything is a sign to "Mother" Carmody , and she knows all ! (Oh Brother ! ) She proves to be a pain in the ass for David . All he wants to do is get home to his wife , and keep Big Bill safe . However , he finds himself trapped in the Food House , along with everyone else !
       Will Norton find his Logical Explanation !!?? Will Mrs. Carmody Save all the souls she can before the end of days !!??? Will poor old David and Big Bill find a way through the Mist to get back home !!???
 Well Of course I won't tell you ! You've got to watch for yourself Silly !!!
"The Off isn't working !"
The Mist is a thrill ride from start to finish . I liked it the very first time
I read the story in Skeleton Crew . Its a Horror story because it's a creature Feature at heart , but it's definitely got the Apocalyptic angle to it , and in such a different way . No Nukes or plagues here . Just ...... Mist ! For you purists out there , the Movie is almost verbatim to the short story . Only the end is not the same .
   So fright fans , grab that popcorn and curl up on the sofa , and check this one out ! I don't think you'll be disappointed !
  Remember , its August of the Apocalypse here at the Dungeon , so tune in next time for some more End Of Days reviews !!

    Until we meet again in the wastelands ...................... Stay Scared !!! 

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