Wednesday, 24 August 2011

The Day After Tomorrow (2004)

Written by Axemaster August 23 2011
Rating 7.5 out of 10

Director   -   Roland Emmerich

Dennis Quaid   -   Jack Hall
Jake Gyllenhaal - Jack Hall
Emmy Rossum  -  Laura Chapman
Sela Ward         -  Dr. Lucy Hall
Ian Holm         -   Terry Rapson

                                 Hey There All you End Of Days Dwellers ! Axemaster is in the Dungeon with a little Flick of Mass Destruction for you !! ............... The Day After Tomorrow !!
Heres the story line in a nut shell .......................

             The flick opens with a scene that takes place in the Antarctic on the Larson Ice Shelf ! Dr. jack Hall is a Paleoclimatologist (Ffeew !! Good thing that one never came up at the spelling bee !! ) . He studies ancient weather patterns and cycles , and how they may relate to our current worlds constantly changing weather !  He and his two colleagues Frank (a seasoned veteran type !) and Jason (kind of wet behind the ears !) are out on the ice taking core samples for a climate change model that Jack has
"Okay , I think thats enough A.C. !"
been working on . He has a theory that desalination of the worlds oceans is what caused the last ice age . As they're working away , the core drill , drops down into the sample hole they've been busy drilling ! Suddenly a crack opens up in the ice shelf ! The whole shelf starts to rumble and they the crack opens into a huge fissure , as a huge chunk of ice , miles wide breaks off the shelf !! Lucky to survive , Jack and the boys get out of there with the ice core samples and head back to the world .
     Jack takes his findings to a conference in New Deli India . He tells the gathered dignitaries from countries all over the world about the importance of climate change and global warming ! These fat cat Politicians basically
"Godzilla !!"
look at Jack like he's another Granola Eating Hippie jumping on the Enviro Bandwagon and ignore him . There is someone in the audience that cares about what Jack has to say . Professor Terry Rapson has come all the way from Scotland to hear what Jack has to say about Desalination and his other theories . Rapson runs the Hedland Climate Research Centre and studies the water temperature of the worlds oceans and stuff ! (Wow These guys must be awesome to talk to at a party don't you think !!??) He has a system of measuring water temperature in the Atlantic . The temperature sensors are attached to buoys out in the ocean at certain points along the North Atlantic Current . The North Atlantic Current is what brings warm water up from the tropics and keeps our Northern climates nice and inhabitable ! If this current is interrupted
"How many more ways can Hollywood
Think of to take me down dam it !?"
then its time to break out the Hot Shots and Cocoa !! Instant Ice Age ! Rapson tells jack that he's noticed some drops in temperature  already . They chew the fat for a bit and promise to keep each other informed . Upon Arriving back in Scotland at the Hedland Centre , Rapson discovers that there are a couple of buoys showing extreme temperature drops out there in the Atlantic already ! He fears that what Jack has said will take hundreds of years , may be happening quicker ! ( Like Now !! Zoinks !!)
   Meanwhile , strange weather begins to plague the world ! There's a snow storm in New Deli . There's huge hail storms in Japan ! The city of Los Angeles gets hit with some killer tornados ! All this happening in the wake of the ice lose in Antarctica !! Hhhmm ! Should have listened to the Tree Huggers !!
    Mean Meanwhile !! There's a good subplot going on about how Jack
"Wait a minute !! This Isn't Kansas !"
isn't doing so well at being a Dad to his son Sam ! Seems that traipsing all over the planet for weeks on end isn't really a good way to be a parent ! Sam's gone off to New York for an academic competition ! ( Nerds !) He's joined the team to impress a girl . This surprises Jack as Sam is kind of a loner . Sam and Laura ( AKA The Girl Of His Dreams !) and their other pal Brian , get stuck in New York , as the Crazy weather keeps getting Crazier !! By this time , Jack and his team have been called for their expertise in the field of weather and climate change and stuff ! Jack and Professor Rapson fear that the world is on the verge of a Total Climate Shift !!! Dun Da Da DUUNNN !!!!
   The Day After Tomorrow is a pretty cool flick . Its a particularly good way to spend a Rainy or Snowy evening in front of the tube !! ( Precipitation helps with the Mood for the flick a bit ! )
"Dam Left My Rubbers at Home !"
All in All , this is an entertaining film , and it does deal with an important topic for all of the world ! The theory of Desalination is real by the way ! So Tune in to see what will become of Jack and Sam ! Professor Rapson and the other Scots ! I think you'll like it !

              Until we meet again in the Darker colder places ...........

                     Stay warm !!!! 

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