Tuesday, 12 July 2011

The Lost Boys (1987)

Written by Axemaster July 12 2011
Rating 9.5 out of 10

Director    -    Joel Schumacher

Jason Patrick   -   Michael
Cory Haim   -   Sam
Kiefer Sutherland  -  David
Jami Gertz  -  Star
Corey Feldman - Edgar Frog
Jamison Newlander - Alan Frog
Edward Herrmann  -  Max
Dianne Wiest   -   Lucy
Barnard Hughes  -  Grandpa
"Vampires in Eighties Clothes !
Run For Your Lives !"

         Hey there all you Nosferatu Nerds !! Axemasters back with a gem from way back when Red leather jackets and shoulder pads Ruled !! ........... The Lost Boys !! This is one of my favorites from the era when even Grand parents were trying to "Moonwalk" !
  Here's the story line in a nut shell .....................
"I Said DECAF !!!"

        Open on a scene of the Beautiful California coast . A couple of our hero's are in the back of the family car , headed for Santa Carla .
Michael and Sam , are moving there with their Mom lucy . She and their dad just broke up and she's going back home to live with her dad ! On the way into town , Sam notices a bit of Graffiti that says , "Welcome to the murder capitol of the world " ! This freaks Sam out a bit , as he doesn't like scary stories . They get to their new home , and meet Grandpa . He's an eccentric old coot who grows pot on his window ledge (Ah California !) and likes to mess around with Taxidermy in his spare time ! There's more dead stuff around than the local grave yard !
    Later that night , Michael and Sam go down to the boardwalk . There's rides and music and , for Michael , there's california babes ! As he and Sam are watching a band play (Particularly Hideous in a totally eighties kind of way !) , Michael sees a girl that takes his breath away !
"Fight Vamps for this ?? YES !!"
"Two Corys in eighties garb !"
He brushes Sam off and follows this babe through the crowds . While Michael is chasing "Bootie" , Sam wanders into a Comic store .(He's a real Comic nut Old Sam is !) This is where he meets up with The Frog Brothers . Edgar and Alan ! They give Sam a free comic about .... Vampires ..... and tell him to be on guard ! He thinks they're looney and takes off . He catches up with Michael again , just as the Babe he's been chasing all over climbs onto the back of a Motorbike , driven by an Eerie looking dude with blond hair (The Eighties ultimate bad guy , Kiefer Sutherland ) . Blondie rev's up the bike and Michael's chance melts into the night . But thats Okay , because this is California , where every night of the week is right for hanging out at the boardwalk !
  The next night , Michael heads back to the Boardwalk on his own dirt bike ! (Take that Blondie !) He also buys a new leather jacket (Gotta look exceptional to win over these California girls !) , and is looking to get an earring ! (Seems a bit desperate doesn't he !) Suddenly , his dream girl appears at his side ! She tells him her name is Star . Michael thinks he's got it made and he and Star take off . But as they're getting onto his bike , up pulls old blondie and his gang . There's a tense stand off as , blondie , whom we now know as David , calls to Star . She oddly obeys him and climbs off of Michaels bike and onto Davids . David baits Michael and a chase along the dark beach ensues ! Michael stuggles to keep up to the bikes David and his gang are riding , but just as he pulls along side of Davids bike , he has to ditch as he realizes that David has him running full speed towards a cliff over looking the ocean !! Michael takes a shot at David . David laughs it off , and ask Michael " How far he's willing to go " ?
   The gang take Michael back to their hang out . A ruined hotel that was destroyed by an earth quake .
"I'm Feeling a little Long in the tooth !"
They party for a bit , and get chinese food . Things get a bit surreal for Michael as it seems that david is messing with his head ! Hey Look your noodles are actually worms ! Now they're noodles again ! Hey You're eating maggots not rice ! Now Its rice again !! Hey how'd you do that !! Here ............ Drink this Michael ...........
.............. Its Blood !
    Sure it is . Michael drinks it . The night spirals out of focus and he wakes up the next afternoon . He wakes up with an odd aversion to sun light !! He can stomach normal food either ! Sam has been reading the Horror comics given to him by the Frog brothers . He puts 2 and 2 together after Michael tries to attack him while he's having a bath !
Michael is turning into a Vampire !!!
    Its up to Sam and the Frogs to save Michael and Star from becoming full fledged Blood Suckers !!
Tune in Fright Fans , for a wild and wacky thrill ride into the darkness !!!

                   And remember ..........

                              The Creatures that live in the night ..........

                                          Are always ...... Thirsty !

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