Monday, 11 July 2011

Fright Night (1985)

Written by Axemaster July 11 2011
Rating 8.5 out of 10

Director   -   Tom Holland

Roddy Mcdowall    -    Peter Vincent
William Ragsdale    -    Charley Brewster
Amanda Bearse      -     Amy Peterson
Steve Geoffreys     -     Evil Ed
Chris Sarandon     -     Jerry Dandridge

                  Hey there all you all you Blood Sucking Psycho's !!! Axemasters in the Dungeon tonight with a look back into the not so distant past ! With a pretty cool old flick .... Fright Night !! Now there is a slight comedic edge to Fright Night , but for its day , the effects were pretty good , and the story is solid . Here's the story line in a nut shell ..............

"Give us a Kiss Handsome !"
    The flick opens on a teenage bedroom ala 1985 (Ah the memories !) . There's an old Horror flick on the tube , and well , there's two teens making out (Hot and Heavy !!) on the bed ! Charley and Amy . Charley makes a serious move and Amy shoots him down . We learn that old Charley has been "Blue Balling" it for about a year !! (OUCH !! Thats gotta hurt !) Anyway , the make out session ends as the two have a little argument . While he's arguing , Charley is watching the neighbors house . It was vacant , but now , in dark , there seems to be some one moving in . Oh and look what the movers are carrying into the basement , Its a coffin !! Gulp !! Charley tries to tell Amy that something weird is going on next door , but she thinks he's avoiding talking serious "Love Stuff" so she's out of there !! (Ouch ... Blue Balls) . Charley tells his Mom that they have a new mysterious Neighbor . She's single and a bit flighty and starts thinking Harlequin romance stuff right off the bat !
" X marks the spot !!"
   Now Old Charley , he loves his Horror flicks ! (Atta Boy !!) He always watches his favorite Horror Show every night . Its called .... Duh ! Fright Night !! It stars an old actor ... Peter Vincent .. Vampire Killer !!
So Charley knows a thing or two about the Undead !  And as the days pass , he starts to wonder about the mystery Neighbor . Jerry Dandridge never seems to be around during the day . Just at night . During the day , his "Roommate" is always home ! Hhmmm . Then , the cops find the body of a woman near by . At first, this doesn't mean much to him , but then a few nights later , Charley meets a real hot chick out on the street in front of his house ! (Blue Balls ... Eeewww !) She heads on in to Dandriges place . The next day , Charley watches the news and learns that Hot Chick is now Dead Chick !!  This convinces Charley that Dandridge is no good . He starts to snoop around his place and spy on him in an attempt to find proof that he's Dirty ! Dandridges Roommate is wary of Charley , and catches him trying to break into the basement ! ( Yup , Where the coffin is !!) Charley takes off running . Later that night , he sees Dandridge through the window with another Hot Chick . Dandridge sees Charley seeing him , and takes a big old bight outta Hot Chick !
"Sit ! Stay! Heel !! Down Boy !!"
   The Cats out of the bag now ! Charley knows that Old Jerry is Undead Blood Sucking Scum ! Of course no one will listen to him ! His Mom invites Dandridge into their house ! (Un Oh !) So he can Drop in any time he wants to !! His best friend Evil Ed thinks he's lost his marbles !! (You'll See Evil ! You'll see !!) And Amy just isn't quite sure she believes him either !!! (Blue Balls ! Ouch !!) In Charleys mind , theres only one person on earth that can help him destroy this Vampire menace to Hot Chicks !! Yup , You Guessed it !!
  Peter Vincent .... Vampire Killer !!!
Tune in Fright Fans , as Charley convinces Peter Vincent to do battle against the forces of evil !! (This proves to be interesting as , well Old Peter , he doesn't really believe in Vampires !!!)
"Now Now , Lets not get Cross !"
  Fright Night is a campy , fun thrill ride . Its a bit dated , and the rubber bat scene is a laugh , but as I said earlier , its still a solid story . So solid in fact , that its been remade ( Oh Good Lord !!) and its coming out later this summer .
  As Always , I will let you decide Horror Hounds !!

       Until we meet again in the Darker Places .........

                             Stay Scared !!!

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