Tuesday, 5 July 2011

The Fog (1980)

Written By Axemaster July 5 2011
Rating 9.5 out of 10

Director   -   John Carpenter


Adrienne Barbeau   -   Stevie Wayne
Jamie Lee Curtis     -    Elizabeth Solley
Janet Leigh            -     Kathey Williams
John Houseman    -     Mr. Machen
Tom Atkins         -      Nick Atkins
Nancy Loomis    -      Sandy Fadel
Hal Holbrook     -      Father Malone

        Hey there all you Ghost Story Ghouls !! Axemaster's back in the dungeon with a real special
"Yummy Mummy ?? Yes !!"
Treat for you all . .................. The Fog . John Carpenter Original 
timeless ghost story from 1980 ! The reason I stress the date and version here is because the flick was remade in 2005 by "Master" Carpenter and ..... well ..... its ...... Hideous !! But not the this version .
So here's the story line in a nut shell ..................

     Open on a camp fire , surrounded by a group of young boys . they're on a deserted stretch of Northern California beach . Old Mr. Machen checks his pocket watch and snaps it shut . he says.........

    " Eleven Fifty Five ............  Almost Midnight !   Enough time for One More Story . One More Story before Twelve . Just to keep us warm ........."
"Yes Janet , you test my Faith !"
   The story Machen tells the boys is of how , One Hundred years before
 the very night of their shore side story telling , a ship , called ... The Elizabeth Dane , was sailing in the dark . Suddenly , out of no where , an Unearthly Fog rolled in . Sticken , the desperate sailors new , that the rock of Spivey Point waited in the murky water below . But then , In the Distance , they saw a shimmering light !! (No Not Don Henley and the Eagles , Thank You Very Much !) It was , a   "Camp Fire  .... Like This One " !
The crew of the ship thought it was their beacon , and followed it thinking of home . However , it was burning right in front of Spivey Point and The Elizabeth Dane broke up on the rocks , taking all hands down to the gloomy bottom with her !
The mysterious Fog , rolled back out to sea , never to be seen again ! (Good old California sun shine !)
"Penis enlargement catalog ! YEAH !"
Machen tells the nervous kids .......... " Its is said , by the fisherman , that when The Fog returns to Antonio Bay , The men from the Elizabeth Dane , will return with it ! Seaching for the Fire that lured them to their watery graves !! " (BBRRRRRRR !!!!!!!Its cold in the Dungeon all of a sudden Horror Hounds !!!)    
     Machen is a master story teller , and the tale ends as the town clock strikes midnight . The scene fades to the quiet streets of sleepy Antonio Bay . But they don't stay Quiet for long ! A darkened gas station , suddenly lights up ! The gas pumps spewing regular all over , and the car hoists going crazy ! All the cars at the local car dealer honk their horns and their lights come on all at the same time . TV's come on by themselves and furniture moves on its own !!
  Meanwhile , Nick Castle has picked up the hottest hitchhiker of his life ! Elizabeth ! And as they're driving through town , and she has just told him , He May Get Lucky , ...... The windows blow out of his truck !!!
  Mean Meanwhile , Stevie Wayne is broadcasting Jazz from high atop the lighthouse out at ( Gulp) Spivey point ! She gets a report of a ...... Yup You Guessed it ........ Fog Bank moving in off the coast ! She goes on the air and alerts the crew of a small fishing trawler " The Sea Grass " ( Might As Well Be ..... Their Ass Is Grass !!) of the Fog headed their way !
"Okay !! Who Cut The Cheese !!??"
  Mean Mean Meanwhile !!! Father Malone , the town Priest has been , .. well , he's been nipping at the communion wine !! And as he was sitting there getting loaded , a piece of the old stone wall in his office in the church falls out , and , there , hidden in the wall ..... is . his great Grandfathers Journal !! Oh the dark secrets we keep in our hearts , and souls ! ( Not to mention our walls !)
     Anyhoo ! Its April 21st , and Antonio Bay is celebrating their Hundredth Anniversary ! Kathy Williams is planning the party . She gets bad news however , as her husband was on the trawler out by Spivey Point the night before , and .... well .... the boat never made home . ( Double Gulp !! )
  Nick Castle takes out a boat to search for the Sea Grass , as the crew are his friends . The story that unfolds , effects all who live in Antonio bay , and Their Hundredth Anniversary will be remembered for a hundred years itself !
   John Carpenter was at the hight of his creative game when this flick was made back in 1980 . It is one of my top three favorite Ghost Stories of all time ! I'm sure my old Pal Happywax would agree that this is a real classic ! An Eerie Elegance surrounds the film , started off so well by John Housemans great stone faced ghost story . The elements of the flick (Ghost Ships , Sunken sailors staring into watery darkness , Gold coins in the surf the change into wooden boards from sunken ships ! ) are themselves .........Classic !!
     If you watch THIS version ..... you will not be disappointed !

      So Fright Fans .... This is Axemaster signing off ........ Hey ..... There's A Fog Bank Out There !!! 

                   And Remember ................

                   Midnight  till one Belongs to the Dead ............

                           Good Lord Deliver Us .

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