Monday, 25 July 2011

Orphan (2009)

Written by Axemaster July 25 2011
Rating 8.5 out of 10

Director   -   Jaume Collet-Serra

Vera Farmiga   -   Kate Coleman
Peter Sarsgaard  -  John Coleman
Isabelle Fuhrman - Esther
Jimmy Bennett    -  Daniel Coleman
CCH Pounder     -   Sister Abigail

                     Hey there all you killer Thriller Fiends !! Axemaster's back in the Dungeon tonight with a little treat for you , that you won't want to miss ............. Orphan !! Its a fresh take on the "Evil Kid" genre thats well put together and puts a rather unique
spin on it ! Here's the story line in a nut shell ..............................

"man , I wouldn't even adopt myself !!"
        Kate Coleman , is struggling . She's trying to deal with the Loss of her third child , while in labour .  She has been having nightmares about the delivery , and thats how the flick opens . On a nightmare sequence . (Its a creepy one too !) She's had her share of troubles with alcohol as well . She quit cold turkey though , and is going on with life . Her husband John and her have been thinking of adopting a child to fill out their family . They want to "Give all the love they had for baby Jessica" to some lucky little Orphan . Sounds like a good plan right !?? (Wrong !!) They head on down to the Orphanage and check out the kids there . All of them having a good time playing with one another , laughing and being social . So which one do they pick ??......... The Creepy little girl on the second floor that John heard singing to herself , that dresses like "Darla" from "The Little Rascals" , and that paints Eerie picture all by herself !!! Good choice here Guys !!
"Hey ! Lets Get hammered !"
      Okay so they want to be optimistic , and say "Its good to be different" ! They sign the papers and three weeks later , they pick up their new daughter and bring her home to her new family . Little Max has been waiting for her new sister (Yes Max is a girl) , and can't wait to meet her . Daniel isn't as thrilled to be getting a sister from an Orphanage and when he sees the way little Esther dresses , he thinks she's a freak right off ! (Hhmm , smart kid !)
      Naturally this is where the strange things start to happen , you know , you get the gist ! Oh , sure , at first old Esther tries to fit in . you know , bonding with Kate and Max (not so much with Daniel) . She's very keen to please . She's at her most "Darlaesque" when John is around , and he thinks she's the shiniest peach in the fruit bowl !! But , the strange things begin to happen . Where ever Esther goes , trouble seems to be one step behind !
"I said Maybelline !! Dam You!!!"
    I know what you're thinking ........ not another one like this !! Trust me though , this ones different . Director Jaume Collet-Serra (2005's House of Wax) does an excellent job at , building tension , slowly . He takes his time to tell the tale . The Tale itself being worth the time to tell it !
   So , is angelic little Esther the daughter of Satan !!?? Is she a misunderstood "Little Rascals" Impersonator !?? Does she have a Demon living inside her that drives her to Murderous Mayhem !!???
I'll Never Tell !! Nope I won't Tell You ! You'll have to watch for yourself to find out !! I Don't think you'll be disappointed !!

     This is Axemaster ... signing off from the Dungeon ! ( Hey , who turned out the lights ??? Its ... dark in here ........ Hello .... Hello !)

       And Remember ............... If you ever meet anyone dressed like they should have been out on the town 

     When Big Band Music was King ....................... Get The Hell Out Of there Stupid !!!!! 

                          They're Not Right In The Head !!!!! 

"Do you like breakfast in bed !??"
"Some days I can't do anything with my hair !"

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  1. Hahaha, good review, so true! I thought it was rather amusing too and that Darla comment couldn't be more accurate!