Saturday, 9 July 2011

Heavy Metal (1981)

Written by Happywax    July 2011
Rating 9 out of 10

Director  -  Gerald Potterton

John Candy
Joe Flaherty
Eugene Levy
Harold Ramis
                       Richard Ramonus
                       John Vernon

 Hey all you Cartoon Creepies,   Happys here with one of my All-time favourite movies infact this is #2 on my FAVS list, other than Dawn of the Dead , I think Ive seen this movie the most, gotta be atleast 60+ times, But enough of that. The film itself is...well...its not your typical animated film. Its a collection of short episodes based on the popular Heavy Metal magazine...the only thing connecting the stories together is that an evil green meteorite called the Locnar is present and/or the source of conflict in each of the episodes. The episodes being:

"Soft Landing" - Typical early MTV'ish style animation with an astronaut re-enter earth...via an old Corvette convertable! Just filler for the credits...but awsome music.

"Grimandi" - Very short clip introducing the Locnar and the daughter of Grimandi, the astronaut/scientist who found the Locnar.

"Harry Canyan" - Think "Taxi Driver" set in the distant future. Gritty animation fits into the bleek and almost depressing atmosphere of a future NYC. Sex, Violence, Corruption on all levels...Ah New York hasn't changed.

"Den" - Teen-age boy's dream come true: 90 pound nerd-boy to hulking Barbarian who also happens to be God's-Gift-To-Women. Pure fantasy story complete with sex, violence, and of course nudity. Even the animation is dark and Conan-ish. (Never knew the word "dork" could be used that way.)

"Capain Sternn" - Humorous sci-fi bit about an infamous space villan who is brought to intergallactic trial for...well...try to keep count of the charges. Animation is sleek, almost cartoonish. Violence, language...but no nudity. This one is my favorite, I bet ive watched this scene over 100 times.........

"B-17" - (Most well done of all the episodes, in my humble opinion) Pure horror. Its "Tales From The Crypt" meet "The Twiligh Zone" or "Outer Limits". Gore and Violence...what did you expect from a horror story? Animation was superb. (No nudity again...oh well)

"So Beautiful And So Dangerouse" - Personally, I think the guys who made the film decided to throw in some sophmoric humor involving two stoned aliens, a beautiful Earth woman, and a over-sexxed add it up. Some violence, nudity, and more drugs than on a Columbian drug running plane.

"Tarrna" - Its Xena meets Mad Max meets Conan meets a Clint Eastwood Western (watch and see). Sci-Fi and Fantasy collide in this violent story of one woman standing up against an army of evil. To hell with Xena...Tarrna rules. The animation seems to have been slowed down a bit during the fight scenes. (I never knew putting on clothes would be so sexy)

Heavy Metal..... I could go on for Hours about how AWSOME this movie is, I gauruntee you will never ever see a movie like this again, do yourself a Huge favour and WATCH THIS MOVIE.............

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