Friday, 1 July 2011

The Prophecy (1995)

Written by Happywax   July 2011
Rating 7 out of 10

Director - Greg Widen
Christopher Walkens - Gabriel
Viggo Mortensen - Lucifer
Eric Stoltz - Simon
Elias Koteas - Thomas Daggert

Happy Canada Day Everyone, you old pals got a little treat for you today, this is propably one of my favourite Good vs Evil battling angels movies, now I'm not really a big believer in Christianity or the Bible, but I found this movie to be very good. Christopher Walken, Eric Stolz, and Elias Koteas gave especially good performances. Walken plays Gabriel. The notorious angel of death who goes against god when he becomes afraid of getting replaced by "talking monkeys". He opposed Lucifer once, but now seems doomed to become just like him. Despite being the "killer of first borns", he does have a tender side. When it all comes down to it, he only wants his creator's love and he'll do whatever it takes to be the one loved above all. Selfish, but for good reason.

 Our heroes are Simon [Stolz) and Thomas Dagget (Koteas). One of them is a good angel who opposes Gabriel, even though they were good friends before the war. The other, Dagget, is a failed priest-turned-homicide detective who has lost his faith in the word. Rounding it out, we have a school teacher, possessed native american child, and a suicide victim being kept from his death. The upsides to the Prophecy is a fast paced story where a lot of things happen. The characters are all good. The film is well directed. The score has it's cool points. It has a lot of good humor. And it has a moral to the story that could possibly turn someone back on to Christianity....not me, but probably someone else. For a religious person, this film could be either offensive or a senti-mental favorite. We also have Lucifer appearing...the best version of Lucifer I've seen on film. Pacino comes close.

The downsides is that the film is unbalanced. Much happens in the first half, but the second half seems to drag. BUT , i'm gonna say take a chance and watch it , its worth it, I mean its got Chriptopher Walkens in it ,so you know its gonna be FRIGGEN AWSOME...................HAPPY CANADA DAY !!!!!!!

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