Sunday, 29 May 2011

Zombie Map - Call of the Dead - Call of Duty Black Ops review

Written by Paintball Zombie
Rating 9 out of 10

  First off I can say Call of the Dead is my favourite zombie map on zombies, it's so big and easy to get lost in, that’s why I love it. Now as you probably know the four main characters are Danny Trejo, Sarha Michelle Gellar, Robert Englund, and Michael Rooker, with special appearance by  the one the only George A. Romaro. You start off in the center of the map next to quick revive now there’s two ways you can go, either to the power or to the light house, now going to the power is always good for more than one reason first because the game revolves around the power , two because that will allow you to go to juggernaug  big part of the game and third because it will also allow you to use the flinger (my personal  favourite).
 Now the main point to this game is to find a spot that your team can camp in and stay there, only move at the end of the round if you get a crawler, there are two new weapons in this game the vr-11 and the scavenger.  The vr-11 is the wonder weapon for  this game it turns zombies into humans they run away and attract the zombies if you shoot it at a partner they will be invincible for a short period of time long enough to get a partner up, the scavenger is like the crossbow but it holds three shots in a clip when shot it shoots out 1 stick of dynamite, it has a scope and it’s much more powerful great to clear out a hored of zombies.
Now for all of you that want to kill the George Romero go right ahead but I recommend to do it with a strong upgraded weapon or the upgraded vr-11 it takes him down in one shot but he will comeback every couple of rounds, but don’t worry he gives you a perk every time you kill him and a death machine. Now just like in the last zombie map Ascension there’s a big Easter egg  but this time theres some old friends we need to help out that’s right Nikolie , Dempsey, Takeo and the one that’s got us in this mess Richtoffen, they have teleported behind a door and the teleporter broke  and they need are help to fix it. Now the first step is to knife the door and they will ask you to find a fuse and place it in the fusebox then they ask you to destroy each power box once that is completed they ask you to find some vodka, then you place it in the air tube next to the door once done you have to turn the dials in the light house in a certain order to get the numbers to match up to 2746 starting from top to bottom, once completed you must acctivate the four  radios in order starting from the one in the room behind the Flinger the next one is in the Stamina Up building the next is in a crate near the semtex and the last one is  in the room where the people are traped in.

 If done correctly there will be a light and a noise behind the light house then you make your way up to the power room and turn the ships steering wheel twice to the left, pull the first lever down once and the very last lever three times then a submarine will appear if you look at the light house you will see the light shining down on it for the next part you will need the vr-11, you will bring a zombie to the bottom of the light house where there will be a light shining through the middle of the stairwell you shoot the zombie with the vr-11 then he will start to get sucked to the top but before he reaches the top you must kill him.
Once done there will be a golden rod at the bottom of the stairwell you need to take that to Richtoffen by putting it through the air tube then you must knife the fuse again if done properly you will be given a achievement ,two new gamer pics and the DG-22 Wunderwaff, you will be given this  every time you kill George but unfortunatly only one person gets it at a time so choose who will get it wisely that’s it for now, Paintball Zombie out.

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