Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Race With The Devil (1975)

Written by Axemaster May 25 2011
Rating 7 out of 10

Director   -   Jack Starrett

Peter Fonda   -   Roger Marsh
Warren Oates  -  Frank Stewart
Loretta Swit    -  Alice Stewart
Lara Parker    -   Kelly Marsh
R.G. Armstrong  -  Sheriff Taylor

   Hey there all you Devil Movie Maniacs !! Axemasters back in the dungeon tonight (boy it's a bit damp down here !) !! I've been mining my collection of highway horror , and came up withthis old gem for you ....... Race With The devil !! (have you crucifix and holy water ready !) Here's the story line in a nut shell .................

    Roger and Frank are good buddies that own a cool motor bike dealership (perfect chance to see Pete "Easyrider" Fonda on two wheels !!) together . They sell dirt bikes and are doing so well , Frank picks up a 36 thousand dollar motor home ! (Hey , it's 1975 remember ! You could by , like , The Love Boat with that much back then !!) Yeah its a real "Groovy one with all the modern fixings , like a 4 channel Stereo , a color TV , a Microwave ! (Nah Really !?) and a  kitchen , and bathroom !! Kewl !! Anyway , they plan a cross country getaway with their wives and the open road . Get on that American flag chopper and ride till ....... Oopps , sorry , wrong flick !!
"Dam It ! I forgot the Marshmallows !! 
  Anyway , they head out and hit the rolling hills . They pick a wonderfully secluded back road , and pull off for the day . They enjoy the peace and quiet with a little dirt bike racing , and stuff like that ! (Hey , gas was only 8 cents a gallon ! What the Hell ! Oooops ! Did I say hell !?) Mean while , Kelly and Alice take a little walk in the hills . They take Ginger the dog with them . Ginger the dog , seems a bit uneasy , barking in a "Hey I Smell Trouble !" kind of way . Kelly picks up on this uneasy vibe , and she seems more onto what unfolds later than any of the others .
   That night they have a little wine and fine dinning via the "New Fangled " Micro Wave , and as the girls are getting ready for bed , the boys are outside have a final drink and chewing the fat . This is when , all "Hell" breaks loose !! (Ooops did I say Hell again !!?? Yes I Did !!) As Roger and Frank are talking , a huge fire bursts into being on the distant river bank . In the glow , we see silhouetted , the outline of a creepy tree .(Witch Tree's we used to call them ! Gulp !) Roger and Frank , look on in puzzled surprise , as there seems to be a ritual of some sort taking place . The surprise turns to Horror as , they witness a young girl Sacrificed before their eyes !! (I hate when that happens !) It seems that our hapless holidayers
"Choppers , Motorhomes , I do it All Baby !"
have stumbled onto a nest of .. Satanists ! ( I hate those guys !)
    They hightail it out of their , in a cloud of exhaust and burnt rubber !! Some of the Satanists try hanging on to the motorhome , and the back window gets smashed , but Roger and the gang get away ! They head to the nearest little Hick town , and report the whole thing to Sheriff Taylor . (No not Andy !) Old Sheriff Taylor seems to want to play down the whole Idea of a sacrifice , and Satanists and stuff . So much so , that the Gang begin to suspect that something is amiss in Hick town . Roger and Frank sneak their own blood sample at the site of the sacrifice , unbeknownst to Taylor , who seems to already think that the Girl who they saw killed , was really a dog !! Hhmm ! Girl , Dog ...... Pretty close !! Anyway , the gang leave with the intension of heading for Amarillo , which is the nearest big city , to drop off their "Blood sample" .
    They head on down the road and stop for the night at a trailer park . Kelly gets freaked out in the pool , as it seems that the place is full of strange looking creeps , who all seem to be staring at our gang ! The vibe in the Eerie camp ground is sinister , and as they come back to the Motorhome they find poor old Ginger has been the victim of a Diabolical plot !! Once again , they burn rubber and hit the road !
  From here on in , The gang battle it out on the highway !! In scenes that almost surly inspired The Road Warrior , Roger and Frank pull no punches , and a Spectacularly Stunning Spectacle of Speeding Satanist Smashing ensues !! (Oh sorry, got carried away there ! )
"And I'm Calling Youuuuu !!)
  Will our gang survive the satanists onslaught !?? Making it to Amarillo ? ...... I'll never Tell !! You'll have to watch ... and see for yourself !
    Race With The devil is a cool old movie , even if it is a bit dated .
Peter Fonda is , as always , Classic Cool . Back in the day , any film about the Devil or Satanists , seemed to scare the crap out of everyone . Though I don't find it terrifying , it has a sense of paranoia to it that , on a cold night , might make you think twice about camping out in the back road country !
"Mad Max Who !!??"

            So Remember Fright Fans ...................

               The Satanists of the world NEVER SLEEP !!!! 

                   And They Don't Like Motor Homes !!!! 

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