Monday, 9 May 2011

The Prey (1984)

"Stinker Warning !"
Written by Axemaster on May 9 2011
Rating 3.5 out of 10

Director   -   Edwin Brown

Debbie Thureson    -    Nancy
Steve Bond             -    Joel
Lori Lethin             -    Bobbie
Robert Wald           -    Skip
Gayle Gannes         -    Gail
Philip Wenckus      -     Greg

           Howdy Hell Hounds !! Axemaster , reporting live from the dungeon this evening with another blast from the past ! The Prey !! Ooooo !! Sounds scary right !?? Sounds like it could make your eyeballs bleed and you tonsils tear from screaming with fright ! Right !??? Well ........
"Good lord this script is Killing Me !"
guess again Fright Fans ! As I've said in the past , Sometimes , being a reviewer of Horror films can be , well ...... Horrible !! Now let me explain that my best old pal Hap and I , watched this flick again recently for purely nostalgic reasons ! Way back in 1984 , when we were 13 or 14 years of age , we attended a birthday party for a good pal of ours . We watched flicks on "First Choice Super Channel " (yes we're really that old folks !! And the converter for the tv that night was .... The BROWN BOX !! I'll let you youngins figure that one out for yourselves !)  At about Midnight we (all four of us ) had consumed about a case of soda each !! And were completely wired !! (My flavor that night was Dr. Pepper ....... 24 cans worth ! I haven't had one in 27 years folks !) Wired enough to decide to stay up till four am and watch ... Yup , you guessed it ..... The Prey !! Well .... even then ..... we knew it was .....a Stinker ! Here's the story line in a nut shell .........
       The flick opens with a scene from 1948 . There's this fire raging and consuming the side of a mountain . People (that are nowhere to be seen on screen !) are screaming . (probably because they know how bad the movie is !) Then , flash forward to the present (in this case 1984 !) and a middle aged couple camping , on the very same mountain side . There is a noticeable lack of dialog , as you see these to eat , chew , swallow , and eat some more ! Then there's the wild life scenes ! Yeah like a caterpillar eating a leaf you know ? Or a spider grabbing an unsuspecting fly !! (No I'm not kidding !) These Marlin
Perkins moments are all through this flick ! Weird ! Anyway , finally , Gertrude says to Hubby ........"I'm going down to the lake "........... !!! Wow they speak ! Naturally , we see from the point of view of someone , .. or Something ... Lurking in the woods , the camp fire of these two innocent granola lovers ! (every time they show this "Lurkers " view , there is the sound of a heart beat !! Yes ... Cheese !!) Well old Gertrude makes it to the lake , hears Hubby let off a blood curdling scream and double times it back to camp ! Just in time to see the decapitated body of Hubby , before she herself ,
"Watching the prey did this to me !! Law Suit !!"
meets an untimely , axe filled end ! Ooooo !! Bbuurrrr !!
   Cut to the scene where , six young hippie looking kids pull up in an old van (Yawn !) . They are going Camping ! (No !! Really !?) And guess which part of the mountain they're heading to !!? Uh Huh ! The bad side !
Anyway , more wildlife shots ensue as they hike into he woods . As our hapless gang of nature lovers hike in , the local Ranger service gets the missing persons report for Gertrude and Hubby . The old Ranger tells the young Ranger , to go check out the situation . He also tells him of having fought a forest fire in the area where Gert and Hub disappeared . He mentions that a band of gypsies (no connection to Jimi Hendrix I'm sure !) lived up there and got burned alive !! Bodies everywhere !! Worst fire , he ever seen !! He also mentions that on the only occasion he ever went there again , he thought he saw ,.............. A BOY !! ( Oh my God really !!! ???) 
Hiding in the woods ....... watching him ! I know ... Terrifying isn't it .
   Do our happy Hippie Hikers make it out ? Does Ranger Rick save the day ! If you love real bad flicks , find out for yourselves Horror hounds !
  Just don't say I didn't warn you !! Incidentally , The Prey , has prompted Happywax and myself to add a new link to our Blog ......................... STINKERS!! 

"No way , We'd rather go to the beach than work on this flick"
  So fright fans ..... remember ...............

       If you find yourself in the woods ........

     And you feel like you're being watched ........

               PREY   IT AINT SO !!! 


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