Monday, 23 May 2011

Freakshow (2007)

Written by Happywax   May 2011
Rating 5 out of 10

Director   -   Drew Bell

Chris Adamson   -   Lon
Rebekah Kochan   -   Lucy
Dane Rosselli   -   Hank
Sharon Ednei   -   Sherri
McKenna Geu   -   Kimmie

Hey all you Sideshow Freaks, Happys here with a movie I just cant seem to make my mind up about , Im not sure if i liked this movie or hated it, Freakshow is a supposed remake of Tod Brownings cult classic "Freaks" , and it  borrows from that storyline, but of course in a much more gruesome and vindictive way. There are no good and bad people in this movie and here is why. While the group of criminals working as hired help at the circus were clearly conniving individuals with horrid intentions; they never actually killed anyone up until they felt threatened by the presence of a young mongoloid. The Freaks on the other hand; really got pleasure out of murder.

Now while the last 10 minutes do merit the actions taken against Rebeka Cochan; it still baffles me as to why the Freaks ; who were supposed to be the "good" ones had to do it?  This one has a bit of Ruggero Deodato's "Cannibal.." in it. You have the group of explorers who find the young natives and torture and humiliate them for kicks. Here two of the hired hand find the young mongoloid girl in the tent while they are looting it and decide to shut her up by killing her and leaving her on the ferris wheel for the others to find. First off; this is really stupid. I mean who else are the Freaks gonna think did it? The same kind of revengeful action is taken on the criminals as was in Deodato's film. The Freaks hunt down each criminal and murder them in Circus fashion. Sledghammer to the head, knife thrown at the gut. Lee;played by Mark Preston Miller even has one more fling with the cannibal girl before she rips out his throat.

The one who gets it the worst is poor Rebekah. Though, she was the one who plotted the whole thing and pardon the expression "used" Lon for her own get rich scheme; she still didn't kill anyone.

So far the movie has been very enjoyable. There is vintage music in the soundtrack, giving it a real old circus feeling. The way it's filmed also had a slight orange hue to it. Giving it a classic look and the majority of the "Freaks" were actually real oddities. This might be the only reason the movie was banned in 43 countries, but read on....

The last 10 or so minutes are what caught me off guard in every sense of the word. When the group finally discloses Rebekah and her scheme; Lon's partner or wife, we never really know, tells him that he can keep his trophy wife, but she needs to become part of the family. What follows next is one of the most gruesome transformations of a human being into a freak I have ever seen. You can best compare these scene to the now underground cult classic "Snuff" or maybe even "Maniac" The poor Rebekah is sliced diced and sewn together to literally become the show's newest attraction...."Worm Girl" Horror fans should definitely get a jolt out of this scene. While it might repulse those who are squeamish it is definitely sweet revenge and the unexpected finale to the movie Freakshow. Appalling, gory and shocking. That makes a good Horror film. Its just to bad that this movie took so long to actually get going, and theres really no character development, so I guess i hated it for the first 75mins and loved the last 15, maybe I was a bit forgiving with a 5 instead of a 3 but the ending really did save this movie. Make sure you check out the trailer below or I'll send the Freaks over to see ya!!!!!!

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  1. I saw it and was left confused. Did she die from being skinned alive, cut and diced? Was it her body that was put on display and propped up when the curtain was opened? Also, she didn't seem to scream very much for the insane torture befalling her. Somebody tell me, because I don't see how a person could possibly live through all of that.