Saturday, 7 May 2011

Story of Riki-OH (1991)

Written by Happywax  May 2011
Rating  8/12 out of 10

Director   -   Ngai Kai Lam

Siu-Wong Fan   -   Riki-Oh Saiga
Mei Sheng Fan  -   Assistant Warden
Ka-Kui Ho       -   Warden Sugiyama
Yukari Oshima -   Yomi
Frankie Chin    -   Narumi
Gloria Yip        -   Keiko

                                                                                                          Hey all you Gore Hounds , Happys in the Dungeon tonight with a kung fu flick of all things. Now this movie isn't a Horror movie by any means but when it comes to GORE, you'd be hard pressed to find a flick with more of the red stuff than this masterpiece ( other than maybe Dead Alive),

"This is better than Advil for your headache !!"
"So this is how you tie a Windsor !"
I remember a few years back watching the Comedy Channel when Craig Kilborn was hosting the Daily Show and just before he would start his five question segment with the guest they would always show this big guy smashing a smaller guys head into pieces. I always laughed when I saw it and often wondered where that scene came from. Low and behold, a friend of mine ( The Lenedary Gore Girl)  showed me Riki-oh. Wow!!!! was about the only thing I could say after the movie was over. Instantly, one of my all time favorites.

The story is that Riki has been sent to a prison that makes "Oz" look like child's play. He was sent there after murdering the man who caused his girlfriend to kill herself. While in the prison Riki must defend himself and the other inmates from the Warden, Assistant Warden, and the leaders of the 4 different sections of the prison. This all results in a nonstop bloodbath from start to finish, and to help you out a bit more your old pal Happy has taken the time to create a check list of all the things that make this move FRIGGIN AWSOME!!!

 -Badass Main Character. Check.

-Prison. Check.

-A Punch that blows up a fat guys stomach. Check.

-A Wood Plane that chops off a dudes nose. Check.

-Attempted Intestinal Strangulation. Check.

-Knotting Tendons to regain movement. Check.

-Live Burial. Check.

-Meaningful Flashbacks. Check.

-Nudity/Sex. Negative.(to bad cause boobies are always nice)

-Deep Plot. Negative.

-Mystical Kung Fu Powers. Check.

-Sports Cars. Negative.

- Machine Guns, Infantry, Massive explosions. Check

-A Head being smashed by bare hands. Check.

-Meat Grinder. Check.

-Radio Controlled Helicopter. Check.

-More Blood than a slaughterhouse. Check.

-Dubbing. Check.

-Zombies. Negative.

-Cranial Destruction by Sonic Punch. Check.

-Full Out Ass Kicking. DOUBLE CHECK!



  1. You forgot "Plays a leaf like a flute = check" haha, good review!

  2. That movie had everything, well almost. Awesome cheesy flick with boatloads of gore and the most man-grinded-into-spaghetti than I've ever wanted to see. Great review.