Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Squirm (1976)

Written by Axemaster May 25 2011
Rating 7 out of 10

Director   -   Jeff Lieberman

Don Scardino  -  Mick
Patricia Pearcy -  Geri
Fran Higgins    -  Alma
Jean Sullivan   -   Naomi
R.A. Dow       -   Roger

        Hey there all you Creature Feature Freakazoids !! Axemaster's back in the Dungeon tonight with another Moldy Oldie , but still a Goldie for you .... Squirm !! Now before I get started , I'd like to point out that IMDB sort of slams this flick ! I talked to my old Pal Happywax about this one , and we can't figure out why ! This is a classic low budget 1970's Horror flick ! It's what the genre was founded on for gods sake ! Depending on who you talk to , the term Cult Classic comes into play . Anyway , here the story line in a nut shell .............

       Mick from New York has the Hots for Geri from Georgia !! (I don't blame him .... Rrrowww !) He's flying down to meet her in her home town of Fly Creek ! (hey it's the 1970's !! He wants some free love !!)
Geri and Mick met at a antique show or some thing , and Geri has convinced Mick , who's an antique dealer , that there are some gems right there down in Fly Creek ! ( namely HER !!)
"Oh No ! I think the General store is out of Condoms !"
  Now , its been stormy in Fly Creek as of late and all the power lines got blown down in a real whopper of a storm the night before Mick arrives . Geri picks him up walking down the road into town , after the bus he was on turned around because the roads were blocked by storm debris . She borrowed her neighbor rogers truck . Roger is a sort of simple dude who runs a Worm Farm with his mean old Dad . The truck has a load of worms on it and is a real clunker !
 "Worm Farming really Gets under my Skin !" 
    Now in these parts of Georgia , the worms , well ..... They Bite !! (EEeeewww !!) They have these real ugly little mouths and they Bite !! What no one really knows is that the downed power lines are sending thousands of volts into the ground and riling up these nasty little sucker to the point where they're FURIOUS !! The electricity in fact , begins to alter their simple wormieness , changing them into , Yup ! You Guessed it ...... Carnivorous Super Worms !!!!!! ( Aarrrrrgghhhhhh !!!!)
"Stand back ! I Know Cpr !"
   Meanwhile , Love struck Mick and Geri go into town for some ice , as the power is off , and Geri's mom needs the ice so the food won't spoil . Mick goes into the local diner and orders a ice cream soda . He get more than he bargains for , as there is a Big thick Ugly Worm in it ! (Yyuuucck !) Naturally , being from the big city , the local Sheriff (who's in there hitting on the sexy owner of the place ... hey 1970's free love !!) thinks that Mick is being a smart ass and dropped the worm in himself ! Mick hightails it out of there , and Geri and him are off home to drop off his bags and head out Antique hunting . Their First stop on the hunt is a local antique hoarder ... Mr Beardsley ! They drive out to his place , but he's no where to be found ! (hhmm ) But they do find .... a Skeleton !!(HHmmmm !) They decide to go get the Sheriff and he back to town . The Sheriff seeing Mick for the second time in one day , comes along grudgingly to take a look . However , when they get him out to Mr. Beardsley's place .... The skeleton ..... Is Gone !!!! (Dun Da Da Duunnn !!) The Sheriff warns Mick that if there's anymore gags , he'll run him out of town !
"I'd like to get something off my chest !"
    So , They decide to go fishing with simple Roger , because Geri feels sorry for getting him in trouble ! See , he got shit from his Pa , for lending the company truck to Geri earlier to pick up Mick ! But Old Roger has the hots for foxy Geri (Rrrroww !) and just couldn't help himself ! As they are waiting for Simple Roger , the Plot Thickens , as They find the missing Skeleton , in the back of his Daddies Truck ! (Double Dun Da Da Duunn !!) Mick and Geri agree to still go fishing , but they're going to have some investigating to do ! Its on the fishing trip , that Roger , well he has an unfortunate mishap with the Worms he brought for bait , that will be ... er ..... Rather ........... Hard ........ on his complection !!
     Squirm , is an enjoyable flick to watch , and I think it's an original sort of tale . There's been nothing quite like it since anyways ! The gore is pretty tame , but there are some good special effects for a "B" movie from the 70's ! Probably due to it being Oscar winning ( An American Werewolf In London ) make up artist Rick Baker's first kick at the can ! The story is campy and creepy , and full of twists and turns . I defend the honor of this low budget flick .
                            But as alway dear Fright Freaks , I will let you decide . Pop some Corn . Turn out the lights . (preferably on a stormy night ) And take a trip down to Georgia , 1976 . Power lines down . Phones too .

                  And Remember .................. When the sun goes down .............

                                                  The Creatures of the night .........

                                                                  FEED !!

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