Sunday, 1 May 2011

Shock Stock Horror Convention (London Ont. April 2011)

Written by Axemaster and Happywax May 1 2011
Rating 10 out of 10

"Screw Gerbers !! I'm here to eat YOU !!"

 Hey there all you Terror Troglodytes !! Axe and Happy here  , with a special review of a special Ghoulish Gala !!..... Shock Stock........ !! London Ontario's first ever Weekend Horror Convention !! (BBrrrrrrr!!!)
   Your old pals Axe and Happy and their pal Gore Girl (of Gore Girls Guide to Horror and Sci-Fi Films on were on hand for the event , hosted by London's own  , ......Vagrancy Films ........ and....... Grimbrothers Entertainment !! The thrills were heavy and the chills were many , as well over a dozen vendors of various horror merchandise and horror film memorabilia showed there wares (and cleavage !! RRrrrrrrrroooww!! ) in the basement of London's Centennial Hall !(Dungeon like ! Perfect !!)
  The convention also had star appearances by , The Ladies of The Evil Dead , (Betsy Baker , Ellen Sandweiss , and Sarah York ) . Also appearing alongside the "Ladies" was Hal Delrich another star of the Evil Dead . (no Bruce didn't make it !! Dam !) . Dyanne Thorne , of the "Ilsa" Flicks ! Robert Skipper , of El Topo ! Molly Dunsworth , of Hobo With A Shotgun !! (way cool !!)  Lianne Spiderbaby , writer for Fangoria and author of the upcoming "Grindhouse Girls" , her first novel !!
"Come on !! Have a Heart !! "

"Axemaster and Happywax!
Fighting Evil since 1978!!"
"Gordon & Carol of L.A. Mood Comics and Games "
  Film screenings included , Treevenge , Deathrace 2000 , Dead Genesis , Top Secret Sleaze , If A Tree Falls , Thor The Rock Opera (who also played at the Brass Door in downtown London !) , Son Of El Topo , And Then I Helped , Confessions Of A She Wolf . And a sold out Saturday night showing(300 people !!) of , The Evil Dead , at the Rainbow Cinemas (The Pot of Horror Gold for the weekend !!)

  The organizers did a Great job getting all the right vendors and attractions for the convention . To list just a few , Fangoria , Rue Morgue , L.A. Mood Comics , The Butcher Shop , Twisted T's , Rejected (tee shirts) , Lobby Card Invasion and Hollywood Canteen ( Great selection of posters and Memorabilia!)
Check out the pictures below of the vendors and attractions .
"The Evil Dead Gang !! "
"Ilsa Still has it !! RRrrrowwww !!!"
"Charlie was on hand with Friends ! Eeewww !)

"Saturday night Movie Madness !!"
"Need a Facelift !!????"
"T's Galore !! "
"Bruce Who !!??"

   Your old pals Axe and Hap , hope that Shock Stock becomes an annual London event . Though the organizers had hoped for a better fan turn out for the convention , they still did very well for it being the first year . We'd like to thank all involved for the great weekend of Chills and Thrills !! And we encourage all of  YOU , Horror Hounds , to come out next year for Shock Stock 2 !!
            So ...... Until we meet again in the gloomier places we travel ...............

                                        STAY SCARED !!! 



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  2. wish i would have known will look forward to next year hope it grows as we need more horror in London Ontario.. Halloween is too short