Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Boogeyman (2005)

Written by Axemaster October 4 2011
Rating 7.5 out of 10

Director   -   Stephen Kay

Barry Watson   -   Tim
Emily Deschanel    -   Kate Houghton
Skye McCole Bartusiak - Franny Roberts
Torry Mussett   -   Jessica
Lucy Lawless   -   Tims Mother

                Hey there Fright Fans ! Axemasters back in the Dungeon with a little treat for you ! And as the sun Sets a bit earlier every day , and the jack o'lanterns start to appear on the porches through out the neighborhoods , its time to start thinking more about ..................... Boogeyman !!!!   Here's the story line in a nut shell !

      The flick opens with a great scene that takes place in young Tim's bedroom ! Tim is eight , and has a fear of the Boogeyman ! (Hey , don't we all really !!!? ) He is trying to get
"Help Me Spock !"
to bed , but every time he turns the lights out , the normal things strewn around his room , seem to take on sinister shape , and life of their own ! A pile of clothes on a desk chair , become a menacing hooded figure with the lights out . A hideous action figure (Looks like a burnt G.I. Joe !!) must be stowed safely out of sight ! Nowhere is the nocturnal activity as hot as , Yup You Guessed it !! The Closet !! The dam door just won't seem to stay shut ! Every time Tim closes it , it just Snicks open again !!! ( I hate when that happens !!) Just as it seems that something may be about to blow out of said closet and devour our young hero for a bedtime snack , Tim's father comes in and saves his butt !
  Tim's Dad sees that tim is , well ..... crapping the bed !! He's filled his
"Norman ??
Yes Mother !!"
head with tales of the Boogeyman that resides in the closets of many homes all over the world , and Tim's imagination is rocketing into the stratosphere !! He assures Young Tim that he was just pulling his leg and having some fun with him , ( Thanks Dad !! Why not feed the kid to Cannibals next time !!) and that the Boogeyman doesn't Really exist ! He turns on the lights and checks things out in Tim's room . He throws open the closet , and checks it out so Tim can see that there is nothing to fear ............................... And Just as he turns to say " See I told you so ! You Chicken !" ................. Something unseen Pulls him into the closet !! It happens lightening fast !! It grabs his legs , pulls them out from under him and drags him screaming into the closet , the door slamming shut as he goes !!! Or at least thats what Tim Sees !
"Oh , There's the scrub Brush !! Ouch !!"
  Flash forward fifteen years .
Tim is now a successful working class guy , with a good job and a lovely fiancee . He has made a good life for himself and on the surface seems as normal as the next guy . However , despite his family insisting that his father simply abandoned him and his mother , Tim still believes what he saw in his bedroom all those years before ! So much so that he has gone to great lengths to insure that No dark places exist in his apartment ! No Closets ! No cupboard doors !
This is one serious phobia that Tim is dealing with . He wants to make a new life with Jessica though and agrees to go to her families home for Thanksgiving ! That means sleeping in a place With Closets and dark corners not controlled by Tim ! ( Yeah , He's in for it all right !) After dinner , and being grilled by his future in laws , Tim
" I Want That Lip Balm !! NOW !!"
heads up to bed early ..... and Alone !! Jessica stays up with the family for a while . (Gulp !) He hits the sack hoping that nothing will happen . He has a wicked dream about his mother , and wakes on the floor , Jessica trying to rouse him . He has an unexplainable feeling of dread concerning his Mother . Jessica tries to calm him and as she does the phone rings ! Its Tim's Uncle Mike ! Uncle Mike has bad news ! Tim's Mother has Passed away ! ( Freaky !) Thus it is that Tim heads back home . Back to the place he has feared since that night fifteen years ago , when he witnessed his Dad's departure from this world ! The departure that only he saw , and believes in his heart to be the truth ! Along the way he stops at the home for troubled kids that he lived in for a while
"Zoinks !"
after that traumatic night . He talks to the therapist he had . This old Egghead tells him , the best thing he can possibly do is to return home , to the house he grew up in , and face his Fears ! ( Sheesh ! They always say that crap !) Tim seems to agree with this Idea and heads off to the rambling eerie old Victorian mansion , Out in the middle of No Where that is his Family Home !!
 Will Tim Concur his fear !?? Will He Finally see that the Boogeyman Lives only in his wild imagination !!???
There's only One way to find out Horror Hounds ! Pop this flick into the old VCR , or DVD player and pop up some corn and watch it for yourselves !! Boogeyman is a well put together tale and has some very effective and scary scenes . Its produced by Sam Raimi and one of his partners in crime Rob Tapert . If you're a fan of them , you will see their subtle touches on the way the movie is filmed . If there is anything that Boogeyman suffers from , its the CGI used to create the title character , which is perhaps a little over done . However , as always .......... You must decide for yourselves ! This Axemaster ... signing off !!!

                         Well , my candle has burned down to a nub ............
                                  Its gotten very Dark in the Dungeon .....................
                                         The shadows have grown Very long .......................

                                                  What was that ............. Movements in the dark ... ???

                                                          Over there ... Near .........

                                                                   The Closet .

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