Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Fear Of The Dark (2003)

Written by Axemaster October 12 , 2011
Rating 7 out of 10

Director   -   K.C. Bascombe

Kevin Zegers   -   Dale Billings
Jesse James     -    Ryan Billings
Rachel Skarsten  -  Heather Fontaine
Charles Powell  -   Eric Billings
Linda Purl        -    Sandy Billings


                                     Hey there all you Diabolical Nerds Of The Night !! Axemasters back in the Dungeon on this rainy evening , with a little treat for you , in the season of tricks or treats ................
 Fear Of The Dark ! Perhaps you've noticed that the last few reviews
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that my Old Pal Happywax and I have posted , all have the words
Dark or Darkness in the titles . Its a coincidence I assure you .
Maybe its the fact that the days are getting shorter and the Dark outside the windows is once again lasting longer , I don't know . But it made me think of this cool little flick anyway . Here's the story line in a nut shell ................................

          The flick opens fittingly enough , with a scene of darkness ! In the background , we hear the voices of children at play . Then suddenly , light splashes onto the screen as a baseball smashes into a cellar window !! We hear the kids selecting
"I wish I hadn't lost my nail clippers !
Dam That Smarts !"
one poor soul to enter the cellar and retrieve the lost ball . Enter , young Ryan Billings . He comes in through the old fashioned style , Storm doors in the cellar . The kind with the steps right under them ! (you horror vets out there have had nightmares about steps like those I'm sure !) See young Ryan Billings is the star of the show , because he suffers from ..... Yup ! You Guessed it Fright fans !! Fear Of The Dark ! Not just a little either ! This kid gets the willies big time ! Even as he makes his way into the gloom of the cellar , he stays in the circle of light coming through the hole in the window . Suddenly the cellar doors are thrown shut , and Ryan is trapped in nearly total Dark ! He yells for his pals (With friends like that !! Sheesh !) to let him out ! He pleads with them really . But the jokes on Ryan ! As we hear the voices of his "friends" drift off into the distance , Ryan focusses on something out of frame and
"Stop Bugging Me !!!!!"
behind the camera ! Something in the Dark ! There are sounds in the dark . Sounds like ..... laughter !! ( bbrrr !!) At this point , Ryan isn't laughing though !! He's Screaming !!
   Cut to a normal looking house in anywhere Suburbia . Ryan comes home , dirtied and sullen after his ordeal in the cellar . His Mom is working in her basement shop . She's an artist that welds the creepiest crap on the planet ! Steel Torso's that look like Dracula's dress makers dummies , and little medieval warriors and stuff !! ( great place to be a kid who is afraid of the Dark ! ) She wants to know how Ryans day was and the usual Mom junk . Her and Ryans father have a hot date that night and she's a bit concerned that Ryan may not be alright in the care of his older brother Dale . Ryan poo poo's his Moms concerns and heads up
"Make it a Lite ... Torch Lite !"
to his room . On the way , he stops into his Mom and Dads bedroom and chats with his old man . Ryan's Dad feels that he may be getting a bit old to be afraid of the dark , and says so . Ryan feels embarrassed by this , so his Dad lets up on him . He tells Ryan that there will be nothing to fear , as Brother Dale will be home with him all night . As he is telling Ryan this , the radio thats on in the back ground is saying that Thunder storms are heading their way for the night ! ( Hhmmm ! Forshadowing , perhaps !??) He also informs Ryan that Dale has brought home a female friend that he's been yammering on about for quite some time , Heather Fontaine ! Old Dale finally plucked up the courage to close the deal ! ( High Five Dale !) Upon hearing this news , Ryan forgets all about the dark and turns into the Nosy little brother . He B-lines it to
" I'm feeling a bit Batty !! "
Dales bedroom door and listens in on his big brother and his new squeeze !
   Dale is trying hard to be a Dude ! He's playing the guitar , and talking about his band ( Hey Impressive !) , and offering to teach Heather to play ! ( is This Kid Slick Or What !!!??) They catch Ryan snooping , and Dale takes it in stride . Heather has to go to work anyway , so she takes off , and as the clock marches on , it gets to be time for Ryan , and Dales parents to get out there and Boogie for the night . They have their reservations though , and Dale is instructed on how to handle his little Bro , if he freaks out ! Dale assures them that their fears are for nothing , and tells them to have a good time and get out of here !
"Trying to keep a Level head ! "
   So the stage is set , Horror hounds ! One brother , deathly afraid of the dark , and the other , assuring him , " There is nothing there in the dark , thats not there in the light " ! Sure Dale , we believe you man !! As the nights events unfold , Dale might begin to question that seemingly sound notion . Obviously that sound notion was thought of by some Egg head sitting in a nice well lit room somewhere !
  Will Ryan prove that the Dark is a living thing , to be Feared and wary of !?? Will Dale prove to Ryan that there is nothing to fear !!?
Will Ryan ever have enough spare batteries for his flashlight collection !!?? Will Dale get a second shot with the Foxy Heather Fontaine !!??????? Well Fright Fans .. You know I won't tell you ! You'll have to Pop this one into the VCR or the DVD or the Blu Ray and see for yourselves !!
  Fear Of The Dark , is an entertaining horror flick with some spooky scenes and a cool story , and some Jumps and Bumps that are worth checking out . It plays on that age old primal fear that lies in the hearts of us all . Hey I'll bet that even lou Ferrigno ran up the steps when the lights went out before he hit the gym and became the hulk !!

                And Speaking of the Dark ...................

                           Once again ........... the light is growing dim down here in the Dungeon .

                                 Time to close up shop and head for the lighted places ..............

                                      Until we meet again ......... stay scared !!!

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