Saturday, 15 October 2011

Prince of Darkness (1987)

Written by Happywax    Oct 2011
Rating  8.5 out of 10

Director - John Carpenter

Donald Pleasence - Priest
Victor Wong - Prof Howard Birack
Alice Cooper - Street Schizo
Dennis Dun - Walter
Lisa Blount - Catherine Danforth

Hey Kiddies hang on to you seats cause have I ever got a great movie for you tonight...............Prince of Darkness............  Another excellent fright fest from the master of horror, which was unfairly nailed by critics and audience when it first came out. Just like some other Carpenter masterpieces like the Thing and The fog ,Prince of Darkness became a cult classic a couple of years after it's release.

The movie's by far the most intellectual effort of Carpenter.

 The movie's about a group of students led by their professor and a priest trying to prevent the dark lord from setting his father the anti-god free to reack havock on the earth,Sounds familiar right?Well,not quite.The fight between good and evil takes place in a church.Think about it; Satan trying to set his father the  anti-god free in a church! Quite controversial for a horror movie at the time.But that's one of the reasons why we love Carpenter; he is a director who has no trouble  sharing his vision with the audience. He's a director with something to say. Besides that ;the movie gives everything what we expect from the master.

Great Carpenter style of storytelling,a very well written screen play with some unpredictable twists,a unique atmosphere,good performances from some of the best character actors like Donald Pleasence,Victor Wong
,Jameson Parker and Dennis Dun,(not to mention Alice Cooper)and a definite Carpenter ending.

Prince of Darkness is one of the creepiest horror movies of all times and for sure it's one of the best films of John Carpenter. Its just to damn bad about his last couple of outings.  Definatly make sure you dust off this Classis and give it a watch over Halloween !!!!

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