Sunday, 30 October 2011

Paranormal Activity 3 (2011)

Written by Axemaster October 30 2011
Rating 7.5 out of 10

Directors   -   Henry Joost & Ariel Schulman

Katie Featherton   -   Katie
Sprague Grayden  -   Kristi Rey
Lauren Bittner      -   Julie
Christopher Nicholas Smith - Dennis
Chloe Csengery  -   Young Katie
Jessica Tyler Brown  -  Young Kristi Rey


                       Hey there all you Lost Video Lunatics !! Axemaster here on the day before Halloween with a real tricky treat for you ....... Paranormal Activity 3 !!!!
 Flicks like this are good to see on All Hallows Eve , just to keep the blood pumping !!
Here's the story line in a real quick nut shell ....................
"Are you sleeping ? Let me
stand here for hours if you are !"

  The Flick begins with a scene that takes place one year before Paranormal Activity 2 . In the scene Katie comes over to Kristi Reys house and drops off an old box of Video Tapes . (Hhmmm ) She just wants to store them in Kristi Reys basement . (double hhmmm !) When asked where they came from , Katie says that they came her way after their Grandma passed on , and they date back to when the two of them were little (Triple Hhmmmm !!!!)
     Flash forward to the scenes in Paranormal Activity 2 when Kristi Reys house is seemingly burglarized . The box with the Mystery tapes is missing . (Hey , I know if I was a burglar , the first thing I'd be snatching up is that Vintage Video Tape !!!!)
"I'm the kid that talks to
Creepy Imaginary People !"
     Flash back , to 1988 !! (Ahh red leather , electronic drums big hair
and big shoulder pads !!!) The invisible watcher of all this footage is now watching the very tapes that disappeared from Kristi Reys basement !! Anyway , its 1988 . Young katie and Kristi Rey live with their mother Julie , and her boyfriend Dennis . Dennis runs a business making Wedding Videos (Along with the Wedding Singer !(Ha !!)
He has a garage full of state of the art video editing equipment . Julie and Dennis notice that little Kristi Rey has taken to talking to an imaginary friend named Toby (Creepy !) Dennis takes it one step further and feels that strange things have begun to happen with the arrival of Toby . So , like any responsible couple from the eighties with a couple small girls , one of which is acting a bit odd , would do , they decide to ..........  Smoke Some Pot and .......Make a Sex Tape !!!! (Way to go Dennis you Dog !!) They set up the tri pod , and get busy ! Just as they're about to hit the homer
"Don't worry ! The Internet hasn't even
been invented yet ! The Sex tape is
Our Secret baby !"
........ there's and earth quake !! ( I hate when that happens !) The house starts rocking and shaking and they run out the bedroom door for the girls . As they run the tri pod falls onto its side . The next day Dennis goes through the video of the earth quake and discovers something very creepy . As the camera was on its side , dust from the ceiling drifts down from the shaking and lands on an invisible figure standing at the foot of the bed !! As Julie and Dennis run out the door , the figure seems to turn and follow them out !! Dennis shows this to Julie , but she seems to want to ignore this info ! Dennis however , is determined to get to the bottom of this strange event ! He sets up video cameras all over the house and sets out to prove that they are experiencing ..... Paranormal Activity !!!! (Oh yeah Dennis ! You ain't seen nothing yet !)
"Hey Sis ! Wanna Play with Fire !!!??

   Okay ! I'm going to stop there . I don't want to ruin it for you ! I have read some reviews of the flick that seem to be down on the fact that this is yet another sequel , part 3 to be exact . So yeah there is some Sequelitis happening here . However , this reviewer didn't let that fact stop him from watching the film with an open mind . I found myself entertained and tense all the way through , and ended up liking it the as much as the first two . What number three does very well , is complete the back story of the strange events that befall this hapless pair of sisters through out their creepy lives ! It answers all the questions that the first two films raise , and I think that Joost and Schulman have told a pretty cool story with this Trilogy of Terror !! They still keep the tense atmosphere
"I don't have a thing to wear for a sex
tape ! Oh , thats perfect i guess !"
 going through the whole flick . You're literally waiting for the scare to come ! And when it does , the tingles stay with you for a while after ! As a guy who has watched some pretty crappy Horror Flicks , I can tell you , thats rare .  As for if Joost and Schulman have any more in store for us in this franchise , I can say , it wouldn't bother me if they didn't make number four . If they didn't , I feel they'd have gone out on a high note . However ............ don't forget ....... katie is still out there somewhere with baby Hunter from the end of part 2 !! Something tells this reviewer that ...... we haven't got the whole story yet !!

                     Remember kiddies ......... Its halloween and the Spirits are restless ..........

                                      Make sure you don't upset them !!!!!!!!!!!!

                                           And HAPPY HALLOWEEN FROM HAP AND AXE !!!!!!!! 

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