Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Darkness Falls (2003)

Written by Axemaster on October 12 , 2011
Rating 7 out of 10

Director   -   Johnathan Liebesman

Chaney Kley   -   Kyle Walsh
Emma Caulfield  -  Caitlin Greene
Lee Cormie        -  Michael Greene
Grant Piro        -    Larry Fleishman
Sullivan Stapleton  - Officer Matt Henry


                                 Hello again from the Darkness , All you Terror Trolls !! Axemasters deep in the Dungeon tonight , trying hard to keep all the candles lit , with another Cool Tale of Terror for ya ........
Darkness Falls !!.
"You want to dance with me Baby !??"
 This little number is from back in 03 , and it seems that there were a
few flicks made around that time that dealt with Fear of the dark , and this one had to be mentioned ! Here's the story line in a nut shell ........

       The flick begins with a scene that fills in some background to the story . The narrator tells us the Tale of Matillda Dixon . She lived over a hundred years ago , in the town of Darkness Falls . She was a kind old matron who lived alone . She liked all the towns children though , and when they lost their teeth , she would act as the tooth fairy , and take them from them . Her home caught fire , and Matillda was badly burned and disfigured in the blaze . Her skin became so sensitive to light that she had to stay covered up at all times and began wearing a porcelain mask to keep the sun off her face !! (Jeeze , thats before the days of Coppertone !!)
"I get So Wrapped up in this stuff !"
Then one day two of the towns children went missing . The towns folk
blamed Matillda for their disappearance , assuming she must have gone mad and killed them . An Angry mob took her from her home and hung her for the crimes . Just before they strung her up , Matillda uttered a curse on the town of Darkness falls , saying that she would forever haunt the dreams of the towns children , taking in death , by force , what she had taken in life out of kindness !! ( Yup , Thats teeth folks !!) Then the next day , the two kids showed up , unharmed !!!!!!! ( ooopsie !! Sorry Matillda !)  The town buried their secret along with Matillda's body .
    Flash forward to twelve years ago . Young Kyle Walsh is about to lose his last tooth . He's thirteen and thinking of girls . One girl to be exact . Caitlin Greene . He's got
"I should have bought a MAG LITE !"
his last tooth pulled and set on his dresser for the Tooth Fairy to take . (Needs the cash to take Caitlin to the dance !!) Suddenly , there is blurred movement at his window . He goes over to take a look...... and ... sees ....... Caitlin !! She's come to ask him if he'd like to go for a midnight swim ! ( Yowsa !! ) He tells here no , because he has to get up early for practice ! ( Practice Shmactice kid!)
Caitlin is a bit disappointed , but then Kyle asks her to the dance and she's tickled pink . She gives Kyle a little kiss , and off she goes out the window . Kyle , floats over to his bed and hops in , working on his dance moves in his mind no doubt !! He falls asleep , but has bad dreams . He awakens in the night to the strange sound of someone moaning breathlessly . He sees movement in the shadows . In fact , the shadows seem
" Would you happen to have a Tooth Pick ??"
to be alive !! One shadow seems to separate from the rest and whips around his room at high speed ! Darting here and there ! Then ..... He Sees Her !! The Tooth Fairy !!! All the children of darkness falls know her story , but Kyle , like all the rest never really believed she was real , until now ! He hides under the covers , snags a flashlight of his night table , and manages to get out of his room into the hall , and the light !! The ruckus wakes his Mom , and she comes to see what the fuss is all about . Mom tells Kyle to calm down and go back to bed . Kyle insists that "someone" is in the house . Mom says she'll check the house , and starts with Kyle's bedroom !! ( Bad Choice  Mom !! ) She enters the room , without flicking on the light , and looks around . She sees nothing out of the ordinary and says
"Looks like I need that Nose Hair Trimmed !"
to Kyle ... " See Kyle ! There's nothing to be af.......... !" and thats when the Tooth Fairy swoops down and picks her up and whips her around like a rag doll !! ( Creeeeepy !) Kyle freaks and spends the night sitting in the bath tub , with the lights blazing . In the morning , he is taken into custody and he becomes the suspect in the murder of Mom ! He claims that the Tooth fairy killed his Mom ! Darkness Falls believes he is a whacko , and the cops close the case .
   Flash forward twelve years to now .
Caitlin Greene is in the hospital in Darkness Falls with her much younger brother Michael . Michael sees things in the dark ! ( Oh Boy ! Here we go again !) He tells her that there is some one after him in the dark . Some one that wears a Porcelain mask and hates the light ! Caitlin realizes that her brother is talking about the same being that her old friend Kyle talked about all those years ago , after being blamed for the murder of his Mother . She tracks Kyle down and gives him a call ! He's living in Las Vegas !! ( City Of Light !) He has the worlds Largest Flashlight Collection ! And yes folks , You Guessed it ! He agrees to come back to Darkness Falls to see if he can help Michael with his Night Terrors !!
 Will Kyle be able to face the woman of his Dreams , and the Woman of his nightmares at the same time ??????
  Will He be able to save young Michael from the tooth Fairy !!???
  Will He get another shot at that date with Caitlin !!!!?
 You'll have to watch to find out !! I won't let the cat out of the bag here !!!

            My candles are all but burned up .........

                  I have a long way to walk through the woods ..........

                         Remember kids ....... she can't get you if you ..................

                                 Stay In The Light  !!!!!!!!!


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