Monday, 24 October 2011

5th annual Zombie Walk London Ont

Written by Happywax , Axemaster & Karl Headblaster
Rating 10 out of 10

Hey there all you zombie zealots. Hap, Axe and Karl here with a special report on a ghoulish day in london. The  three of us from doomgoryum  were on hand and witnessed a truly astounding event. We came to interview Coleen, Tracy and Dawn who are the organizers of the London Zombie Walk, and were blown away by the socket popping turnout of a horde of six to eight hundred zombies who were shambling throughout downtown london and  Victoria Park. Your pals Hap, Axe and Karl found themselves looking on in awe. We began to feel surreal as the mass of zombies shuffled passed and could easily imagine what it would feel like to find ourselves in a real zombie outbreak!

 Even the organizers were overwhelmed  by the turnout. Obviously the zombies at the walk had put a lot of time and effort  into creating  their costumes to make them look as real as possible. We saw no bad ones!

   Next year yours truly will be dawning the zombie garb and participating in this bad ass event!  Make sure you check out the interview and pics below, and as always tell us what you think.

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