Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Happywaxs Video Vault , Prometheus Trailer , Dawn Of The Dead , Vincent Price Head

"What ? Hap Worry !!? No Way !!"
Written by Axemaster March 28 2012

For details see Episode # 1 of 
Happywax's Video Vault . Enjoy !

 Alright all you vintage Video Tape Vagabonds !
We've talked about it on The Doomgoryum Report a few times and now here it is ! Taa Daa !
Happywax's Video Vault ! Check out Haps personal collection of horror memorabilia ( A vast treasure trove I can assure you !) and check out his ramblings and goings on ! Also Trailer time and People He Blowed Up This Week !
Yes thats Blowed Up Folks !! Its a must see .
So check out the video and let us know what you think , and don't forget to subscribe to our channel if you like what you see !

                                                  From Hap , Axe & Jimmy .......

                                                           Stay Scared !!!

                                                 Oh , and Ahh ...... Don't get Blowed Up !!

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