Monday, 2 April 2012

Axemaster Sings . Wuuds , Rosies Sideburns

Written by Jimmy , April 2nd 2012

    Hey there Fright Fans ! Jimmy here with another Episode of Axemaster Sings ! When Axe isn't fighting evil or putting down uprisings of the Dead with Hap , he plays in a band called Wuud ! this weeks tune is one that Wuud recorded a few years back ! I think you'll like it ! Yeah , it's one of my favourites , so sit back and enjoy ! Let us know what you think , and if you have any requests , Axe might be able to play one for you .

                         Jimmy says ....

                                 Stay Tuned .....

                                      Stay Scared !!

"Is that a Zombie at the Punch Bowl !??
It IS !! Why You Son Of A  !!!"
"Wuud .. you want these guys to play
at your party !! Sketchy looking bunch !"

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