Tuesday, 6 March 2012

The Walking Dead "18 Miles Out" Dead Walk Talk # 3

Wirtten by Happywax March 6 2012

For deatails , see video review below !
Enjoy !

  Hi Kiddo's ! While Axemaster is away on urgent Zombie fighting business in Mexico , Karl Headblaster , Jimmy and I are keeping up on the duties here in the Dungeon ! So sit back and enjoy the carnage of undead in this weeks episode of Dead Walk Talk ! Don't forget to subscribe to our You Tube page , if you like what you see !

Posted late in light of Zombie outbreaks around the Globe !! 
Fighting evil is hard work man !!! Stay scared !

"Okay , maybe I need a new hair style !"
"Mom Told me never to put things in my mouth !"

"Okay ! Okay ! I should have worn my
Helmet !! Enough already !"

"Keeping our Humanity means all our
prisoners wear blindfolds !"

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