Thursday, 15 March 2012

Conan The Barbarian (1982)

Written by Axemaster March 15 , 2012

For details see video review below in Episode # 20 ! Of !
The Doogoryum Report !! Yeah ! # 20 ! Enjoy !

        Hey Fright Fans ! Well just recently Hap, Axe & Jimmy had a little party down in the Dungeon For their Big # 20 Episode of The Doomgoryum Report !! So for the special day they decided to bring you a Muscular Classic from the golden age !! Conan The Barbarian !!
This is one film you won't want to miss  ! So check out the review , let them know what you think and don't forget to subscribe to their You Tube channel if you like what you see ! Thanks for watching , and know that you can count on the guys from Doomgoryums for more great Episodes !! Stay tuned !

                         From Hap , Axe & jimmy ...

                             Stay Scared .. and ah ... Work on those 26 inch Biceps !!!

"I used this pose to beat Louie !"

"Thulsa Doom know how to hang !"

"Look at how skinny that New Conan is
compared to You Arnie Ha Ha  !!"

"You want a piece of me eh MMmaarrmmff !"

"Nothing , Just Hanging around !"

"You want to see my big snake !? No Really !"


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