Monday, 19 March 2012

The Walking dead , "Beside The Dying Fire" , dead Walk Talk # 6

Written by Axemaster March 19 2012

For details see video review below in ..
Dead Walk Talk # 6

  Well Fright fans , the second season of The Walking Dead has come to an end ! Just as thing were heating up ! Hap , Axe and Jimmy are a bit bummed that they have to wait to 6 months to bring you the next Episode of Dead Walk Talk , but we'll be there on the night of the Premier with Bells on ! (And our side arms !!) So check out this video and enjoy !!

      And Remember ...........

                    Keep your eyes and ears peeled for reports or sightings of strange shambling hoards 

                               This summer !! Keep an extra few cans of beans in the cupboard and a few extra
                                       Rounds near the Winchester !!!! See you in the fall !!
"Dam ! Just Washed the Truck !"

"Do you have a license for those .. er .. Pets !?"

"Ever feel like you were being watched ?"

"Okay ! Bar B Q is on !! Here Humans !"

"Okay , maybe I Do like Guns !"

"Tickets !!?? Screw you ! This concerts free !!!"

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