Monday, 12 March 2012

The Walking Dead "Better Angels" Dead Walk talk # 5

Written by Axemaster March 12 2012

For Details see video review below in ..
Dead Walk Talk # 5 ! Enjoy 

     Holy Cow !! What a Shocker this weeks Walking Dead turned out to be !! What will the fate of the rapidly dwindling group be , now that they lost one of their meanest , Craziest tough guys !??? Tune into this weeks Dead Walk Talk to get the low down !
As the Hoard approaches , Hap Axe & Jimmy Start to load their Long Rifles !!!

                       Enjoy & Stay Scared !!!!!
"Some one still has to do chores !"
"I got to ask you a favour for later !"

"Ahh Crap ... I went First !"

"Ahh.. You go first ... Nah ... You Go first !"
"You brought your Gun to a Knife fight !"


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